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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1Malaysia? I Think Not........ Once Again

1Malaysia huh? Sounds good, right? Racial unity, equality for all and all that other happy horseshit. That is what Mr. Najib promised us when he presented the concept. Yes, I'll admit that all of this does sound good but is there anything more to the words? I think not. Now, before we continue, assume the usual crap. If you don't like critics of the BN regime, you can get out of this blog. You tak suka, you keluar. Its just a click away and I am not paid to deal with your butthurt faggotry.

In the article I posted last year, I stated that the now infamous 1Malaysia concept sounds more like a lip service that just talks cock all day long without doing anything at all. A lip service that is supposed to be just another 'frontline' for the BN regime to gain more votes from the people. However, at that time, those two articles were only focused on certain issues. It has been 2 years since 1Malaysia was first introduced by the Prime Minister. Let us have a look at what it has done before the 13th General Elections come.

In 2010, Najib promised us that the Internet will not be censored after the C4 case(LOL Raja Petra Kamarudin). This promise was later repeated by him in April 2011. However, three months later, the Internet ended up getting censored. SKMM/MCMC's Rais then proceeded to 'LC' the fuck out of everyone in a press conference after the censorship of 10 legitimate sites.

Najib has also explicitly stated that the mass media in Malaysia is not biased and never will be. However, if you are aware of the truth about the nation, you'll realize that Najib is bullshitting as usual. Newspapers like the New Straits Times, The Star, The Sun and The Borneo Post failed to report the fact that the police force are frequently using excessive force, the public bribes made by Najib in 2010 and 2009, the truth about the BERSIH and anti-ISA rallies and the fact that police fired tear gas at hospitals during BERSIH 2.0. In fact, after BERSIH 2.0, Najib proceeded to 'LC' the opposition parties and those involved in BERSIH 2.0 during an UMNO meeting. He then proceeded to play the 'Ketuanan Melayu' card in the same meeting and later mocked the Chinese culture by hiring girls in scandalous clothing for one of the BN's cultural exchange dinners to dance in the Chinese booth.

Meanwhile in East Malaysia, there is still no progress on the development of Sarawak and Sabah. Their towns are still dirty and filled with litter and they are still receiving very little revenue from the government. And that's saying something, considering the fact that Sarawak and Sabah are the biggest states in the entire god damn nation. That means we are paying more taxes than any other state in Malaysia is paying and yet both states receive very few in return. Meanwhile in rural East Malaysia, the imperialist BN regime is still sapping our resources like fuck and yet we are still not gaining any progress at all. We have been importing palm oil for years already and yet the price of oil can still rise like fuck?

The Najib administration has also frequently made the newspapers state that Malaysian cars are cheap. However, note that they will always fail to report why cars made in Malaysia are cheaper than the cars made in foreign countries. Let's have a look at the prices now.

In Malaysia, a Perodua Myvi 1.3 SXi will cost you over MYR40k. However, in the United Kingdom, it only costs GBP6.999. That's less than MYR35k! But what about a Japanese car? Let's have a look at one of Honda's SUVs.

In Malaysia, a Honda CR-V 2.0L Automatic will cost you MYR149980. However, there's a huge ass price difference in the UK. In fact, the same model will cost you GBP23970 in there. That's only over MYR118000! So you tell me about this cheap cars bullshit you keep trying to preach to us, Mr. Najib.

You also have to consider the shitty paychecks in Malaysia too. The average individual in Malaysia will be earning MYR1.5k to 2.5k. If he's lucky or working for the government, he'll get over 3K. Even buying a used AE101 can be a problem for the working class! And there's no minimum wage system either! On the other hand, Najib keeps promising us better scenarios in our nation's economy and yet so far, he has done nothing about the situation at all. The only thing he has ever done is to introduce new projects that take up more than the planned revenue along with the now infamous Budget 2012 which is just plain bullshit and standing proof that the BN regime is an imperialist pig dog's regime as Sarawak and Sabah are getting nothing, again.

Meanwhile in the BN coalition, internal issues are starting to rise again, along with UMNO instigating some racial drama. While Najib is trying to prevent the press from reporting the details, Anwar is still being harassed by the imperialist BN pig dogs and defaced by the mass media again. Oh, and did I forget to mention that a bunch of new Nazi-like laws are being introduced like the Peaceful Assembly Bill and the ISA replacements? Speaking of the ISA, its not being abolished. It is simply being split into two laws.

Meanwhile in KL, DBKL is still demolishing all sorts of religious buildings except for the mosques. Sporadic racial riots can still be seen in certain areas(Jinjang hehehe), schoolteachers are being assholes by neglecting their students(especially the lower-grade ones), civil servants are telling the Chinese to go back to China and since PRU13 is coming, the newspapers are showing an epic amount of bias in favour of the BN regime once again! Opposition is not fit to become government! Rakyat must bow down to government no matter what! In short, what they're saying is that you have no right to protest against their decisions! NOP, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS, NO FREEDOM.

1Malaysia certainly sounds good, looks good and is definitely a good concept. However, I'd like to see more than just the government's words because I most seriously don't see any progress from the Najib administration at all and I'll be a laughing stock if MOOheedin is going to give us any, considering the fact that he is nothing but an uneducated fuck born out of the BN's Najib era. Heck, if anything, he's going to be worse than Najib if he becomes PM next year. In the words of an anonymous high school student, 1Malaysia is pretty much 'talk cock all day long but no action one'.

Friday, December 2, 2011


2012 is coming. Be ready, kids. lolololololololololololol

On a more serious note, this sounds more like pretentious bullshit.
In the meantime, why not check out the warez section of Democrazy?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Malaysia vs Britannian Empire


On a more serious note, if you have watched Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, you'll notice that the Britannian Empire and the Malaysian Federation have a lot in common both politically and socially. How is that so, you might ask. Let's have a look at the details now.

In the empire of Britannia, the Japanese(or Elevens) are considered as second class citizens who are inferior compared to the upper class Britannians. However, instead of being called Japs, they are known as Elevens. These second class citizens have absolutely no rights at all and are discriminated from society.
In Malaysia, the non-Malays are the Elevens. While the Malays are allowed to do whatever they desire and wallow in their riches, the non-Malays(especially the Chinese and Indians along with the natives) are denied by the upper class Malay society and are being bullied frequently. In the Malaysian capital, DBKL will demolish all sorts of religious buildings except for.... you guessed it. FUCKING MOSQUES THAT ARE BUILT EVERY 5KM AND HARASS EVERY NON-MUSLIM EVERY FUCKING MORNING WITH THE AZAN. Malays are also deemed as the almighty race in Malaysia and we're supposed to kiss their asses and keris no matter what. We are not allowed to question the special rights and discounts they receive, along with the so-called 'bumiputera fund' which is abused by them to buy iPads and iPhones.

In the empire of Britannia, anyone who is caught criticizing the royal Britannian family, the Britannian government or the Honorary Britannian system itself runs the risk of getting arrested and charged for treason. In Malaysia, anyone who questions the BN regime runs the risk of being arrested under the new Internal Security Act the Sedition Act and the Official Secrets Act. In some cases, they even run the risk of being assassinated by the imperialist BN pig dogs. Anyone who questions the Malay royalty system, Islam and the subjects that are labelled 'sensitive issues' will also run the risk of facing the consequences listed above. There is no freedom of speech in both nations. You are not even allowed to question the actions taken by the government in Malaysia.

In the Britannian Empire, Tokyo of Area 11(Which used to be known as Japan) is divided into two sections. On one side, you have an entire developed Britannian city which was developed and built on the sacrifices of the Japanese people. On the other side, you have the Japanese city covered in ruins. In Karen's words, it is the "remnants of a desiccated city after the Britannians sucked it dry". This can be seen in episode 4, R1 of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.
Zero: Face forward and look to your right.
Zero: What do you see?
Karen: The Britannian city. It was stolen away from us and built from our sacrifice.
Zero: And on the left?
Karen: I see our city; remnants of a desiccated city after the Britannians sucked it dry.
Zero: Good answer.

In the Malaysian Federation, whenever you mention expensive stuff like Rolexes, huge ass computers, shopping malls, pro-gaming tournaments, huge ass corporates and all those other luxurious fancy crap, you think of the western Peninsular Malaysia. But when you look at the East, it looks like as if someone just shit in a toilet bowl and that toilet bowl has never been cleaned since then. The roads are as bumpy as hell, the cities' buildings are filled with dirt and moss crawling all over the walls, the Rejang River looks more like 'teh tarik', the roads are unorganized and the water supply cannot be trusted, not to mention the annual floods along with the frequent blackouts. Meanwhile, the BN regime is sucking up the East's natural resources. Our palm oil, our rubber latex, our timber, our tin, our rattan, everything. And where does all the generated revenue go to? Majority of it goes to the West(Especially Kuala Lumpur) while the East is forced to scavenge the leftovers. The scene above which is taken from Episode 4 R1 of Code Geass sums everything up.

In the empire of Britannia, the government controls and uses the mainstream media to deceive generations and generations of Britannians and Japanese in Area 11. They channel their propaganda and lies through the TV stations, the radio stations, billboards and even schools. Anyone who criticizes or goes against the Britannian rule is quickly defaced and labelled as a terrorist. Censorship is frequently practiced in the mainstream media.
In Malaysia, the BN regime controls and uses the mainstream media to deceive generations of Malaysians into thinking that they have the people's interests at heart. In short, they use the mainstream media for the same purposes as the Britannian Empire. Opposition speeches are banned from being broadcasted on TV and radio while opposition leaders are frequently harassed by the police and defaced by the mainstream media. Everytime some big event related to the opposition comes up, the newspapers will run tons of headlines and articles which are meant to deface the opposition parties while blabbing about how good the BN regime is. They will always fail to mention the frequency of police brutality cases, the corruption of the BN's leaders, their bribes and so on. Everytime the police makes some small arrest, it will be all over the news in no time.

Malaysia actually shares many other similarities with the Britannian Empire seen in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion /
コードギアス反逆のルルーシュ. However, the list has become long enough and I am tired. Let us end this with.....


Note from the author: If you have not watched Code Geass before, this article may be difficult for you to understand. And if you haven't watched it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DOWNLOAD IT NAO! HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS DEMANDS IT!

NOTE2: This article is not meant to offend the Malays or Muslims nor does the author have any intention of doing so.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Malaysia: A Second PRC?

Malaysia is certainly seeing a lot of changes recently. What with the now infamous Internal Security Act being 'abolished' and the Internet being censored, not to mention the fact that Science and Mathematics will be taught in Malay and all of a sudden, Najib introduces Budget 2012 which comes into effect real quickly.

What we don't realize is the fact that these changes are actually changes for the worse. The sudden surge in anti-opposition sentiments on the newspapers and TV along with the censorship of the Internet can only mean one thing. Malaysia is slowly, but surely turning into another form of the People's Republic of China. If you think this is a lie, think again.

The mainstream media(TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) is being controlled by the government, hands down. That's a common fact. However, what we don't realize is the fact that it is being scrutinized and manipulated by the BN regime. Yes, the BN regime is the government simply because of the fact that Barisan Nasional is the dominating political party in Malaysia. How is it being manipulated, you might ask. The newspapers are always running headlines on how 'great' the BN regime is. In fact, The Star and New Straits Times are filled with nothing but pro-BN articles. TV stations will always broadcast pro-government campaigns and news that are cleared for release by the corrupt BN regime. They will always give you the half-truth and lies but never the big picture or the real story. Let us have a look the BERSIH and anti-ISA rallies.

Everytime these events occur, the newspapers will not hesitate to run headlines that are clearly meant to deface key opposition leaders while the TV channels are filled with biased commercials about these rallies. And everytime one of these rallies are organized and carried out, the so-called Polis Diraja Malaysia(PDRM, Royal Malaysian Police in English) will never hesitate to play with their tear gas grenades and water cannons which are filled with chemical-laced water, not to mention the fact that they will also arrest the protestants with excessive violence. But everytime this happens, the mainstream media will ALWAYS fail to report the fact that the police force used excessive force, especially in the more recent BERSIH 2.0 rally. Have a look at these headlines.

Bernama headlines include: “Illegal Rally: Don’t Be Fooled By It!” and “Ilegal Rally Was To Serve Opposition’s Agenda.”
The Star headlines include: “Najib: Cops acted professionally during rallies” and “Street demonstrations not part of Malaysian culture, says PM.”
The Sun headlines include: “Najib: Anwar is mastermind behind rally” and “Rally organizers have no respect for King’s advice: Home Minister.”
New Strait Times headlines include: “Anwar, the mastermind behind illegal assembly, desperate to be PM” and “Good job, PM tells Police.”

Note that none of the headlines say anything about the excessive force used by our 'policemen' who acted like gangsters in the course of their duties. Instead, they blab about how these rallies are 'meant to fulfill the opposition's agenda' and 'threaten the nation's security'. We're not even allowed to express our opinion. This is NOT democracy at all so please, Mr. Prime Minister. Do not blab about democracy existing in UMNO when it clearly doesn't. Freedom of expression and assembly is guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. Even the government breaks it's own laws!

I remember back when I was still in Sibu, Sarawak. The BN's sub-party, Sarawak United People's Party deliberately moved their campaigning to Rejang Park where the DAP was already campaigning to cause chaos. Back then, Sibu was a fierce political battleground. All the major figures from both sides came to Sibu to win the support of the town. Even Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim and the Prime Minister showed up. On the night before the town elections, Najib tried to buy Sibu over with MYR5 million. However, the mainstream media failed to report this bribe on the newspapers and the 8PM News, along with the fact that the BN regime manipulated the polls on the next day under the excuse of postal voting and the fact that Najib had a very 'lansi' attitude after the bribe was offered. The only ones who gave coverage on the bribe were online news outlets like The Malaysian Insider and MalaysiaKini.

'I don't have to come here. Why come to Rajang Park? Why? This is not a place for the Prime Minister to come!'

Speaking of online news outlets, Malaysia is facing early signs of Internet censorship. All of a sudden, the MCMC decided to block 10 legitimate file-sharing websites which triggered Operation Malaysia. Now that PRU13/GE13(Pilihanraya Umum 13/General Elections 13th) is just around the corner, the Internet is being censored for the second time in the year. According to the government, political activity on the Internet is to be banned. Opposition speeches are already banned from being broadcast on TV and radio. How the BN regime can still call this democracy is beyond my comprehension. Najib even dared to claim that political websites will not be banned. How are we supposed to believe that when you claimed that there will be no form of Internet censorship in April and even dared to violate the MSC Bill of Rights? How do we know that this is not an early step to a Great Firewall of Malaysia? To add icing to the cake, Najib has recently launched a campaign against the opposition on the Internet. Wow. Just wow. So they can campaign all they want on the Internet while the opposition is banned from doing the same shit?

In schools, textbooks and schoolteachers are being used to channel the BN's propaganda to the next generation. Schoolteachers blab about how dedicated the government is to their goal of turning Malaysia into a developed nation while P. Moral and Civics textbooks blab about how 'great' the BN regime is. Fact is, schools in Malaysia do not innovate. Schools in Malaysia are basically teaching us 'Its okay to remove, copy and paste'. There is absolutely no emphasis on 'Don't just follow the left, find the right way' at all. In fact, the format of the folios you have to complete in a Malaysian high school restricts your creativity to the point where your final product will be similar to everyone else's. Schoolteachers are also forced to attend the BN's seminars and listen to their bullshit while being forced to vote for them.

Speaking of the BN's seminars, I have two words to sum them all up. THEY'RE RIDICULOUS. Seriously, you have to sit your ass in a chair just to listen to them bullshit about stuff they don't care about. Once you're done and leave the room, they'll give you a few hundred ringgit and if you're lucky, some freebies and a free meal. No, seriously. Last year, I got MYR300 from them and a free dinner just by sitting down in the coffee shop where Najib was giving out his bribe. In fact, all civil servants are forced to attend these boring seminars whether they like it or not. But then, why should they give a fuck? They're getting high paychecks from these assholes after all.

Anyone who criticizes the government openly runs the risk of being arrested or scandalized. Anyone who organizes an event which can go against the interests of the BN runs the risk of even more scandalization and the possibility of getting owned by the ISA. Anyone who gets too close to overthrowing the BN regime is assassinated. That happened a few decades ago when Sabah and Sarawak tried to bail out of the colonization of the BN regime which is why if there is going to be a revolution, it will not be a peaceful, unarmed one. Problem is, most people still do not see the need to get involved in this. No, they won't even bother voting. Why? Because according to them, what the political parties do have nothing to do with them. Fact is, the actions taken by the government has EVERYTHING to do with the people. The more recent economic recession in 1997 is living proof of that.

I hate to say this but at the rate we are going, Malaysia is slowly but surely turning into another form of the People's Republic of China. The calm has arrived. We must prepare for the storm now.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Proton, Y U SO LOUSY?

I am seriously laughing my ass off now at the Proton's new Persona concept car. Someone burn down Proton's headquarters already for crying out loud. Other than the Inspira, this is perhaps the most ridiculous rip-off they have ever made.

This is the new concept car of the upcoming Proton Persona. Now, let's compare it with these two cars.
The Infiniti G35

The Toyota Corolla Altis

If you study these two cars carefully and compare them with the Persona concept car, you'll see that on the front and side, the Persona looks like a friggin Altis while the rear is basically a shorter version of the Infiniti G35 with inverted lights. So please, cry me a fucking river already if you're going to stick with that bullshit statement about Proton producing quality cars. POWER WINDOW ROSAK OOOOOOOOHHH TIDAK OOOOOHHH NOOOOOOOO

The Calm Before The Storm

GE13 huh? There’s a lot of talk about that now and to be honest, I’m not surprised. I mean, it is around the corner after all so who wouldn’t get excited about it. Of course, those who just don’t give a shit about politics won’t even know what a general election is but nevermind that for now.

Once again, the BN is using their dirty strategies to get people to vote for them. Newspaper headlines are filled with pro-BN propaganda while radio and TV stations broadcast the BN's commercials like puppets. But then, did you expect anything less from the BN regime? They have been doing the same shit for the past 54 years and the BN pretty much controls the mainstream media.

As usual, the BN regime is taking steps to silence the opposition and spread their lies and propaganda to the public. All of a sudden, Ambiga gets detained again, Anwar Ibrahim is still being accused of sodomy(Yes, again lol), the BN makes a lot of bullshit statements and guess what? The Malaysian Internet is being censored... again. For the second time in 2011, the Malaysian government is censoring the Internet. This time, their intention is to 'prevent any amount of politicking over the Internet'. Now that is seriously fucked up.

This is not democracy at all. Opposition speeches are banned from being broadcast over TV and radio stations. A Putrajaya voter's vote counts more than any other vote from anywhere else. Legitimate gatherings, organizations and assemblies are being banned for no reason whatsoever. We are not allowed to voice out our opinion about the current BN regime at all. And now you want to censor the Internet again? The BN is allowed to violate their own laws while the opposition leaders have to face the risk of being arrested for going against the ruling party. How is that fair? The BN even assassinates those who get too close to overthrowing their regime. Muslims are allowed to commit acts which are disrespectful to other religions and yet non-Muslims are not allowed to do that.

There is no doubt that the BN will win in GE13 again. After all, SPR is BN's doggy. We will certainly see a hike in votes in favor of the opposition parties but since the BN owns SPR, they get to manipulate the voting system all they want. Remember, there was a 1400% rise in postal votes for the BN in a recent election so don't be surprised if they pull up this kind of bullshit. We can also expect more lawsuits and scandals for the opposition leaders, along with more intensified propaganda from the BN. Seriously, just by attending one of their political rallies or seminars, you can get a free meal, some freebies and a few hundred Malaysian Ringgit.

We, Malaysians are being controlled by a lot of ridiculous laws including the UCUC, the Sedition Act, the Official Secrets Act and even the Printing Press & Publication Act. Basically, all these laws restrict your democratic rights and all these laws state that the BN regime may arrest you if they choose to for no apparent reason. We are forced to be brainwashed by the corrupt government pig dogs who have been lobbying for 54 years to get what they want. Sorry BN. But no matter what you do, you can never completely censor the Internet.

Fact is, you have no rights in here. You do not have the right to voice out your opinion. You do not have the right to criticize the government, you do not have the right to criticize the education system. Its all just an illusion. An illusion created by the government so that you will continue to suck on their tiny cocks. You give some but they return nothing. Why do you think our economy is still mediocre compared to Singapore? Why do you think prices are still rising like crazy?

Whether we like it or not, it is only a matter of time now before the east splits from the west. In the future(Possibly 2020), we can expect uprisings to be staged in Sarawak and Sabah as they realize the fact that the BN cannot be trusted on a large scale. But until then, the BN will certainly continue to spread their lies and bullshit. Oh well, this nation has always been fucked up anyway. Its only a matter of time before it self-destructs.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The wonders of Photoshop

You'd be surprised at how you can implement the road signs and billboards into Photoshop's magic. This is how MY.PacmanZ does it.

This one was based on the No Entry/One Way Road signboards in Malaysia. However, I was too lazy and made it a square instead.

Remember those ridiculous Tak Nak! Merokok(I do not want to smoke in BM) billboards that could be seen in schools and roadsides? I got bored and decided to make a parody of it. This time, the corrupt BN regime being the subject instead of cigarettes.

Remember Uncle Sam? Yep, this is based on America's now-infamous Uncle Sam. Its pretty much a reference to his bribe in Sibu last year. The line 'you help me, I fuck you' actually came from a comment which was seen in one of MalaysiaKini's videos on Youtube.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Muhyiddin: No English option

Once again, Muhyiddin the asshole(aka: Najib's lapdog) is showing off his faggotry by claiming more bullshit. Instead of listening to the people, he repeated the mistakes of our 'dear' Prime Minister by attempting to silence everyone and take action that is against the interests of the people. In this case, he's closing the debate on the issue of Science and Mathematics being taught in BM.

According to him, if they implemented a dual-language system, it would be chaotic. He also dared to use the excuse of insufficient English teachers. If there are insufficient English teachers in a school that wants to use English to teach these subjects, then why not transfer more English teachers to that particular school? Yes, English proficiency did not improve after the introduction of PPMSI from Mahathir. However, by abolishing the PPMSI, we can expect to see a drastic drop in our standards as students will not feel the need to learn English anymore as it can be considered as a language that is not necessary. After all, SPM is the only thing they give a fuck about for the time being. No, increasing the English periods from 240 minutes to 300 minutes will not help. Don't forget, most of the teachers in government schools who teach English are actually teachers who are not qualified to teach English at all.

And what about those who are not going to enlist in BM-exclusive universities? What about those who are planning to enlist in universities like Taylors and Monash? They'll have a god damn hard time adjusting to the language due to the fact that they are not used to writing their scientific reports in English. And again, we already have enough subjects being taught in BM. We don't need anymore of those, thank you very much.

The PPMSI policy is not to blame for the lack of progress from it. If you want to point fingers at someone, why don't you start with the education system and it's staff? Seriously, I know a lot of English teachers who can't even pronounce words like 'vegetables', 'orthodox', 'orange' and 'apple' correctly. Since we are talking about teachers in government schools, why don't we also look at the fact that most English teachers just give their students homework instead of teaching them the actual stuff they need to know and master? Seriously, most government school teachers are like that. Do this page on your workbook, do that page on your workbook, done. In fact, that's all they need to do to get their ridiculously high(according to MY standards) paychecks. I could go on and rant about the education system too but we'll leave that for another post.

The MBMMBI policy that is going to replace Mahathir's PPMSI policy will certainly result in a huge drop in the percentage of students who passed English in their SPM and PMR. The reasons are simple enough. As I have stated above, most students will not see the point of passing their English as it is not a mandatory subject to obtain an SPM certificate. As a result, they won't give a flying fuck about it. By replacing the language used in Mathematifcs and Science subjects with BM, the Ministry of Education is only making things worse. But then, this is Malaysia after all. They don't give a fuck as long as they get what they want. No, they don't give a fuck about what you say. Sorry, PAGE. They just don't care so if you're reading this, I wish the Parents Action Group good luck in their protest against the MBMMBI policy. I can assure all of you that should you fail, Malaysia will become the least preferred country in the world.

P.S.: Muhyiddin even dares to talk cock about respecting the government's decision when he himself does not respect the wishes of the public. Oh the irony...
Seriously, wouldn't it be more prudent to just fucking remove English from the curriculum?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

ISA to be abolished? Oh please....

Late to the party again but I've been busy with my examinations for the past few weeks so I didn't have time to write anything on this particular subject. So anyway, a few weeks ago, I read an article on the New Straits Times which states that the government is actually planning to abolish the ISA along with the repeal and review of a few other Nazi-like laws that can be found in your books if you study law.

However, we must take note of the fact that our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, has also stated that the ISA will be replaced by two new laws which will "safeguard peace and order". Below is an extract from

"Najib said the two new laws would be formulated “under the spirit and umbrella” of Article 149 of the Federal Constitution to prevent subversive elements as well as fighting organised terrorism and crime, in order to safeguard peace and public order."

From this line, it is obvious that the laws that are going to replace the Internal Security Act are going to be similar to the Internal Security Act itself. In short, the ISA is not being abolished. It is being renamed and split into two acts. If anything, we can expect the tyranny of the BN regime to introduce laws that are worse than the ISA itself.

No matter how you look at it, removing an act and then introducing two similar laws is does NOT mean that it is being abolished. It is only being renamed and split into two acts. So Mr. Prime Minister, kindly stop talking cock and spreading it all over the headlines because those who are decent enough to look for the truth will know that this is a huge ass lie already. I mean, seriously. This issue has been debated in the parliament for decades already. Why would the BN regime suddenly decide to abolish it? The answer is simple; GE13 is coming. This is just the Prime Minister's latest move to gain support from the people so that he can reclaim the states he lost to the opposition.

I will however, give the Prime Minister and the BN regime some credit. They are certainly doing a good job at spreading their propaganda. They have been spreading this all over the news broadcasted on their TV stations along with the printing press. Newspaper headlines are filled with praises of Najib 'abolishing' this particular act. Don't forget, we are talking about a whole bunch of Malaysians who can't use their heads and think properly to see through the lie. They will seriously buy anything the government tells them. In fact, if you told them that we're actually getting fair prices for our own cars, they'd believe it!

So, Malaysia to become a pro-democratic country? In your dreams, kids. However, I certainly do hope that I am wrong about this so if anyone wishes to prove me wrong, go ahead.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Something is seriously fucked up with the education system

Someone is seriously fucked up in the Malaysian education system. A few decades ago, the University of Malaya was actually one of the best universities in the entire world. In fact, it ranked somewhere in #50++ in the university rankings back then. Now, it has dropped all the way to #167. The National University of Singapore on the other hand, ranked #28/200. Singapore is such a small country and yet they are doing A LOT better than we are doing. In fact, one can only wonder what we have been doing for the past 54 years. True, I don't know much about tertiary education. However, I can certainly say that the education system is seriously fucked up in secondary and primary schools. University of Malaya ranked #167 this year. Something is seriously fucked.

The segregated primary school system has been in Malaysia long before I was born. The Chinese go to Chinese schools, the Indians go to Indian schools and the Malays go to the so-called 'national' schools when in fact, they're actually Malay schools. Seriously, what the fuck? If the government is actually trying to promote this 1Malaysia bullshit they love to preach to us, then we should have abolished this system a long time ago. Racial unity my ass, people. If anything, this kind of system is only blowing up shit while encouraging racism. This is NOT racial unity, this is not 1Malaysia.

Racial disunity has always been rampant in the education system. SJK(C) Jerik is one of the many public primary schools which only has Chinese primary school students.

The average Malaysian student's school life is pretty much like this. Wake up early in the morning, go to school, memorize this, memorize that, go home, eat, do homework and sleep. After 6 years in primary school, he takes his UPSR(Certificate for primary schools. Don't ask me why it even exists) exam and usually passes it with a whole bunch of Cs on his UPSR certificate. After wasting one and a half month in school, he celebrates his holidays and waits for secondary school to come to him. After enrolling himself in his secondary school, he memorizes EVEN MORE CRAP for the next three years and takes his PMR exam(lower secondary assessment test? WTF). Once that is over, he moves over to his last 2 years in school. In the first year, he gets to decide whether to go into the Art/Business stream or the Science stream. If he goes into the Art/Business stream, he gets more stuff to memorize and is usually excluded from the majority of the school's activities. If he's in the Science stream, then he gets to have fun in labs and field trips while having to memorize even more crap. Oh, and for some reason, only the Grade-A students are allowed in the Science stream. Seriously, what the fuck.

Most school teachers in Malaysia are NOT dedicated to their jobs at all. Sad, really. But then, we all must face the facts. The government tells you that we have a fuckton of teachers in our schools who actually give a fuck about your future. Fact is, they don't. The only responsibilities they have is to hand in lesson plans, make sure they complete the syllabus, make sure you complete your god damn projects and make sure you complete your homework, not to mention a fuckton of work that should be done by the secretary. They don't give a shit about you, your results or your future. The only thing they care about is getting their high paychecks. No, fuck you. Don't tell me that if our teachers were only interested in the money, they wouldn't be teaching. Fact is, it is VERY, VERY EASY to become a school teacher in Malaysia. All you need to do is to pass your SPM, complete the training course and start out with a year of probation and approximately MYR2500 per month. After that year, your salary gets bumped up to MYR3000, give or take. In fact, some headmasters are actually earning four whole zeroes on their paychecks. Of course, all of them have to attend all these seminars in which the BN blabs about all sorts of crap and lies, not to mention a few threats about siding with the political coalition that opposes the BN regime. But then, WHY SHOULD THEY GIVE A FUCK WHEN THEY'RE EARNING DECENT PAYCHECKS? A lot of teachers in government schools also never bother to attend to the PMR candidates once they finish their exams. No, seriously. Once they finish their PMR, they have to waste more than a month in school until the official school holidays begin. And what do they do in school for more than a month? NOTHING! They just go there to be there just because the government demands it to be so. Oh well, at least in my days, I could drooooooooool over the hot Form 6 chicks for a longer time lololol. So anyway, back to SERIUZ BUSINESS.

Most teachers also tend to neglect the lower class students due to the fact that according to them, they're a waste of their time. Seriously, its the same thing in over 90% of the government schools in Malaysia. Try complaining to your teacher about that asshole who broke your stuff deliberately and they won't give a fuck. However, if you're a Grade-A student, the teacher will certainly act at once and take action against that one asshole. I was a bit of an exception in the days when I was in Sibu due to the fact that I could argue properly unlike some individuals I could name who are only capable of throwing insults, not to mention the fact that I am quite fluent at English. However, that does not change the fact that most Art stream students are neglected by their teachers.

You can call our teachers 'qualified and dedicated' all you want. That does not change the fact that most of them are the complete opposite of what you claim. In fact, most of our teachers are actually UNQUALIFIED. I don't care if they passed your god damn training, Mr. KPM. Like I said, its easy to become a school teacher here in Malaysia. And yet you still cry about Malaysians having a poor grasp of the English language? Look at your teachers for crying out loud. They can't even get their phonics correct. You expect them to be able to teach English professionally with efficiency? Oh please.... OK, I can forgive the ones who gave up because of the shitload of secretarial work they have to do, not to mention the disciplinary matters in most schools. However, if we can't raise the standards of our teachers and their training programmes, then we might as well forget about having teachers.

Because of this load of bullocks, most students in university tend to struggle through their studies in their first years, along with a whole lot of expulsions due to unsatisfactory results. This is because of the fact that the Malaysian education system does not encourage common sense, creativity and innovation. It encourages us to just stick to the status quo and resort to the usual copy-pasting method of doing things. When these kids get into university or college, they won't know what to do as there are just too many changes for them to cope with. Seriously, even the teachers at secondary school and primary school will go to great lengths to encourage you to stick to the copy-pasting trend. In the end, what purpose does it serve? An entire year of bullshit in university, the risk of an expulsion and yes, the risk of having to apply to the social welfare department for financial assistance. All thanks to your secondary and primary school teachers. Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention the shitty projects you have to do while you're in secondary school? Basically, all you have to do is copy a shitty format, do some research or labour work, jot down all sorts of useless crap which you copied from other projects and voila, you have completed a Malaysian school project! In fact, the format of the project is so shitty, it leaves no room at all for creativity or innovation. Isn't that what schools are supposed to do? Train the next generation to think out of the box? Seriously, its no wonder the academic standards in here are so god damn low.

Something is also seriously fucked with the standards of the English language in here. I most seriously cannot comprehend the fact that I was able to be better than over 70% of the Form 4 students who took ICAS for English and Writing this year. I was expecting about 50% but no, it was over 70% on both papers. This leads me to question the DPM as to whether he is serious about incorporating English as an important second language. Most of our English teachers are actually incompetent. They cannot even do the phonetics crap so why they are teaching the more advanced crap is beyond my comprehension. A lot of teachers also do not understand the pattern and methods of teaching English. If this is executed correctly, any kid can learn to speak English properly or at least get the grammar right within half a year. Sadly, our nation's training courses for teachers does not seem to teach them that. Ho hum.....
English standards in here are very low, considering the fact that this sore loser here could actually be better than over 70% of the Malaysian candidates who took the same paper this year

Because of the shitty SPM system, English is usually seen as an unimportant subject. It is not necessary to pass English in order to get into some of the universities in here. No, seriously. This is a god damn fact. The ridiculous amount of Malay dubbing in Japanese anime and American cartoons that are aired on TV can also hinder the the learning process of the viewing student. Yes, they actually fucking dubbed Mickey Mouse in BM. Summore the voice over sounds so fucking weird, I would rather go play Modern Warfare 2 if I had to choose between those two.

At this rate, Malaysia is seriously heading into disaster. In fact, I would not be surprised if we are already producing mediocre graduates from our universities. Oh wait, INTI and MARA are already doing that LOL

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DPM: Why The Poor English

Now, I may be late to the party but I have been working on this article since the 9th of this month. Yes, I'm a slowpoke due to the fact that I want to make sure that its not a piece of crap which makes no sense at all. Now, straight to business.

On the 7th of this month, our Deputy Prime Minister who is known as Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin stated that students in Malaysia still have a poor grasp of the English language despite 13 years of primary school, secondary school and matriculation. He also said that the Ministry of Education is going to look into the possible factors which are causing these problems. As usual, the possibilities include incompetent teachers and unsuitable textbooks. Sounds common, right?

What actually rang my 'bullshit alarm' is the fact that he also stated that the English language will not be ignored and put aside. Now, please enlighten me, Mr. Deputy Prime Minister. How can you say that you are stressing the importance of mastering English as a second language when our government(and you too) is changing the language used to teach Mathematics and Science from English to BM? If anything, you are only giving the students more excuses to put aside English. The mainstream media already has enough Malay in it, thank you very much. Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that the websites which are visisted by the majority of the Malaysian student body can also be accessed in BM?

If the government is going to use the 'teaching these subjects in BM will increase the percentage of passes in SPM' excuse, then we are only heading backwards in terms of education. If it is true that BM will result in more students getting passes in their SPM, then we should be sticking to English when it comes to mathematics and science-related subjects. Why? Because if they can pass these subjects in BI, we would have proven the fact that our students are capable of more things and can achieve even more in the future. That being said, most of the stuff that is taught in colleges and universities are taught in English, not BM. To change the language that is used to teach these subjects that will be essential when it comes to college/university is to force everyone to suffer even more in the future. They will have trouble catching up with their studies as languages are best taught when the kids are still young. Therefore, changing the medium of instruction from English to BM will only bring more problems than you bargained for. Oh, and please do not at this rate, tell me that our students are not capable of passing these subjects if they are taught in English because that sir, is a poor excuse. I won't deny the fact that my BM is crap. Despite the language barrier, I was recently able to achieve a dramatic boost in my History(which is being taught in BM) from 20++% to 74% within 2 months. No, seriously. This isn't some bullshit I cooked up so if you want to have a look at my papers(censored of course), feel free to drop me an E-Mail. So anyway, if I can pass a subject that is being taught in a language that is foreign to me, then I don't see why the rest of the Malaysian student body cannot at least get a C in mathematics and science-related subjects when it is being taught in English. It is not a question of our students' capabilities, but rather a question of whether they are willing to work for their results. If we are going to make high school certificates easy to obtain, then we might as well abolish the SPM system and immediately give everyone an A for every subject.

Schools are supposed to train Malaysians to be ready to face the future and its challenges. They are supposed to train us to not take things for granted, but to appreciate it. So tell me, Mr. Deputy PM. How are schools training us to be the above when you are making things easier for them in the wrong way? By teaching these subjects in BM, you are only encouraging the student body to slack off and forget about English. Teaching this subjects in BM will also lead to the next generation of students who are better at BM to take education for granted even more.

So please la, Mr. DPM. Use your brains already. No matter how much you stress on the importance of a language, it will still come down to whether the students are willing to take the time to learn it or not. However, I have to applaud you for getting something right for once. Most of our English teachers are actually incompetent. No, seriously. Notice that a lot of English teachers(especially in Prim. school and Kindergarten grade) are pronouncing the word 'vegetable' the incorrect way. They would pronounce the 'vege' like they are pronouncing the word 'veggie'. And then, you have those who pronounce the alphabet 'R' as 'A-Re' instead of 'Ar'. Next, you have those who pronounce 'V' as 'U-Vee'. The list goes on and on. The textbooks on the other hand, are not incompetent nor is the syllabus unsuitable. However, they certainly do have the potential to make us yawn which is why the MoE should consider having a look at the Singaporean books.



SPM = Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, which is of course, the high school certificate in MY.
BM = Bahasa Melayu, or Malay. Because they just had to put the word 'language' before the 'race' to make it seem like it is 1337.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Negaraku: Der Truthful Edition

This was inspired by a friend of mine from Brunei who made a parody out of a portion of the Singaporean anthem. It was posted on MY.Garena's CoD4 community wall and was deleted for unknown reasons. So yeah, if you're the type who gets butthurt when people criticize or make fun of us, then feel free to NOT scroll down.

Mari kita hail BEEEEE ENNNNNNN
Dan kroninya
Memberikan rasuah

Rusuhan kaum
Sudah jadi biasa
Raja kita
Duduk diam-diam saja

Mari kita
Undi parti B N
Setiap tahun
Sampai rakyat miskin

Would anyone like to go ThDubya on this? It'll make one hell of a laugh.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As you might have noticed, I am inactivity has increased drastically over the past 3 months. To cut a long story short, I was retained to Sec. 4 when I enrolled myself into a private school and I have no intention of getting retained again. Why? Its obvious. I don't want to study Science and Mathematics in BM so yeah, you get the idea. However, I can assure you that just because I am suddenly inactive does not mean that I will stop writing. In fact, my agenda book is filled with articles and stories.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Isn't it a really hot topic now? BERSIH is at it again and they're calling for fair elections. Ain't it a surprise? Perhaps not.

For the first time in history, I am actually condemning opposition movement. No, your eyes are not raping themselves nor are your eyes being deficient. Remember the first BERSIH rally? When the government invited them to negotiate, BERSIH was pretty much like ITS TOO LATE FOR TALKS NAO. THE RALLY WILL CONTINUE. This just proves that the organizers have an agenda behind that motto of theirs. They obviously want to cause chaos and public disorder.

It has also come to my attention that a couple of BERSIH members were also found with Commy T-Shirts. While I myself am a Commy, I can see why the government wants it to remain banned and those are actually some good reasons they have there.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Photoshopped Flags

Yes, I know this one fucking fails. But then, 1Malaysia is bullshit anyway so I'm not going to waste too much time on bullshit.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Great Firewall of Malaysia?

As usual, this article is based on MY OWN research. If you would like to argue against my points, go ahead. The content that can be seen in here may or may not be facts. This time, I am not accusing anyone of being corrupt. Instead, I am accusing the SKMM and Mr. Shahidan Kassim of being harsh and idiotic with their actions and statements.

Recently, there has been a lot of rage regarding the government's move to block 10 file-sharing sites. These sites include The Pirate Bay and Warez-BB. This may seem logical but is the ban on legitimate file-sharing sites like MegaUpload, Fileserve and Filestube really necessary?

1. Some people have actually paid for the premium services of these file-sharing sites. What is going to happen to those who have already paid their bills?

2. When we subscribed to the Malaysian ISPs, we subscribed for an 'open' internet. Not a censored one. Since we are paying the full price for Internet access, I believe we should have every right to access every single byte of the Net. If the government is actually paying for our bills(Or at least half of it), then nobody would protest or do anything similar. However, since they are not paying for our bills.... well, I'm sure you get the idea.

3. If this decision is actually aimed at curbing piracy, then the MCMC is only making things worse. Why? Because they are only increasing the number of 'cetak rompak' DVD sales. If the MCMC is serious about curbing piracy, then they should be organizing crackdowns against these 'cetak rompak' vendors instead of imposing ridiculous blockades like this.

4. Has the government ever thought about the legitimate users of these file-sharing sites? What will they use to transfer their projects and reports from one state to another once the government starts blocking these file-sharing sites?

5. With this ban, the government is further contradicting themselves. Pirated copies of Microsoft Windows can be found running on a numerous amount of government computer systems.

6. If legitimate file-sharing sites are banned, then why are porn sites not banned? Let us not forget about the MCMC members who were caught in the act of surfing porn.

Prior to these points, if the government is going to start breaking their promises and their own laws(refer to the MSC Bill of Guarantees), then they should not be surprised at the fact that foreign hacktivist groups are targeting them. However, the government even dares to 'LC' in the press about themselves doing the right thing, not to mention the fact that they claimed that the attacks.

If this is to continue, then Malaysia will most certainly become another form of the People's Republic of China. The last fragments of freedom of speech will disappear as they start censoring the Internet from left and right. Its ironic, really. Considering the fact that our Prime Minister promised us that Malaysia will not censor the Internet, not to mention the fact that the government is violating their own laws as usual.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moral Studies: The Book of Lies and Propaganda

Let me start off by reminding you some stuff again. This article is based on my own opinion and my own research. The contents may or may not be factual. In the event that you disagree with my viewpoints, you may voice out your disagreement. However, if you can't take any criticism at all, then I would advise you to click on the shiny, red X on the top right side of your screen.

Now, as we all know, the government is always telling us lies while censoring and silencing the crap out of anyone who tells the truth or criticizes them. With all of this crap about schoolchildren not allowed to be involved in politics, one would think that the government will at least TRY to make a good example of themselves. Or will they?

In schools, P. Moral is being used by the UMNO as their way of transmitting pro-BN propaganda to the citizens of Malaysia. However, like the Bible itself, Pendidikan Moral tends to contradict itself frequently. Take the following lines for example.

"Tidak menggunakan media massa untuk tujuan propaganda" - Nexus Vista: P. Moral, Page 187
Translation: Do not use the mass media to spread propaganda.

Seriously, just look at the damn books from the government itself. ITS FULL OF PROPAGANDA!

"Malaysia telah berjaya mengeluarkan kereta sendiri dan juga dikagumi dalam perlumbaan kereta Formula 1"
Translation: Malaysia has succeeded in manufacturing it's own cars and has also been involved in Formula 1 races.

"Kita bertuah kerena rakyat negara ini menyedari kepentingan mematuhi peraturan dan peka terhadap isu-isu sensitif yang boleh menimbulkan huru-hara dan menggugat ketenteraman awam"
Translation: We are lucky because the citizens of this country understand the importance of complying with the rules, not to mention the fact that they are careful with the sensitive issues that can cause chaos and disorder.

"Kita pasti berbangga dengan penghasilan motosikal nasional seperti Kriss dan Jaguh"
Translation: We should be proud of the motorcycles that are produced in Malaysia like the Kriss and the Jaguh.

That's a lot of propaganda now innit?

On the topic of Kebebasan Bersuara(Freedom of Speech), the government textbooks mentioned two newspapers being banned for publishing articles related to 'sensitive issues'. However, they did not give out the full story. Yes, those two newspapers are The Star and Sin Chew and that particular ban occurred on Operation Lalang.

To add icing on the cake, you may refer to these headlines that were seen in New Straits Times during the general elections in Sarawak

BN promises bright future
Don't gamble with your future
Opposition not fit to form government
Taib: We'll secure better future
Why change when BN gives us progress

These headlines were seen in 2 days of New Straits Times. And guess what? Not a single word from the opposition was published. And seriously, opposition not fit to form government? Penang has developed rapidly ever since the opposition took over. BN gives Sarawak progress? That sir, is some of the biggest bullshit I have ever read in my life.

"Rakyat negara ini juga bijak menggunakan saluran yang betul, mengikut undang-undang untuk melahirkan ketidakpuasan hati mereka tentang sesuatu perkara"
Translation: The citizens of this nation are also good at using the correct methods to voice out their disagreement while following the rules.

"Kekerasan bukanlah budaya rakyat Malaysia"
Translation: Rashness is not part of the Malaysian culture.


Skip to 1:03 for the cheese.
"Ehh, Malaysia ini negara Islam. You tidak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!"
"Hey, Malaysia is an Islamic nation. If you don't like it, then get the fuck out of Malaysia!"

And rashness IS part of the Malaysian culture. You can see it everywhere for God's sake. From the real world, to forum boards and even social networking sites.

"Malaysia ialah sebuah negara yang menjunjung prinsip demokrasi berperlembagaan. Perlembagaan Malaysia menjamin bahawa setiap warganegaranya mempunyai hak-hak tertentu di sisi undang-undang dan hak-hak mesti dihormati"
Translation: Malaysia is a country that upholds the principles of constitutional democracy. The Constitution guarantees that all its citizens have certain rights in law and their rights must be respected

It guarantees, yes. But does it live up to it's promise?

The answer is no.
Oh, and we can of course, refer to the Internal Security Act in this case. The right to arrest someone without trial or evidence? WOW! That is really democratic indeed. VERY FUCKING DEMOCRATIC INDEED. We refer to Operation Lalang again. Most of the staff who were working for the four temporarily banned newspapers were either laid off or threatened with prison and detainment under the Internal Security Act.

Obviously, as this is MORAL Studies, we also learn to respect the religions of other individuals. But is the government showing a good example? Hey guys, let's put serials on Christian Bibles and stamps that say 'FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY'. Let's ban the Iban Bible. Let's allow the Muslims to 'kutuk' the Christians freely while kicking the ass of any Christia
n who 'kutuks' back the Muslims.

Speaking on the stamps on Bibles, didn't Nabi Muhammad encourage Muslims to go and seek out knowledge? Seriously, what the fuck.

I would also like you to refer to chapter 1 of nearly every se
condary grade of P. Moral.
"Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan"
Translation: Belief in God

Obviously, it spreads crap about God being the creator of everything in the world. However, it is not based on facts. It is based on mythology. Yes, I'm sayi
ng that all religions can be considered as myths.

"Memastikan hanya perkara atau maklumat yang benar
saja disebarkan" - As seen in P. Moral Textbook F4
Translation: Ensure only the facts are being 'spread'.

In schools, Civics and Moral Studies teachers are known to state that Atheists are immoral and have no future at all.

Contradiction at it's best again! Dun dun dun....

P. Moral also teaches us that we have the right to choose our own religion. The question is: Is it true? To a certain extent, it is. While non-Malays have the right to choose their own beliefs, Malays are forced into Islam and they are NOT allowed to convert from it.

"...daripada Proton Saga hinggalah Proton Waja. Melalui Perodua pula, negara kita telah berjaya mengeluarkan kereta Kancil, Kenari dan Kelisa. Dengan perkembangan ini, tidak mustahil Malaysia akan menjadi salah sebuah negara pengeluar kenderaan bermotor yang terkenal kelak."
Translation: ....ranging from the Proton Saga to the Proton Waja. Through Perodua, the country has succeeded in producing the Kancil, the Kenari and the Kelisa. With this development, it is not impossible for Malaysia to become a country which produces famous motor vehicles.

So are you saying that we should be proud of these 'budget' cars we produce? Oh, and let's have a look at the rip-offs.The Vauxhall Vectra

The Proton Saga FL

The Mitsubishi Fiore

The Proton Saga Iswara

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo I

The Proton Wira

The Mitsubishi Evo IV

The Proton Waja(Yes, its basically an EVOIV without the spoiler)

Last, but not least......

The Mitsubishi Evo X


At this rate, Malaysia will certainly become famous................


Jesus, Google. Will you stop messing up the longer articles?