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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Photoshopped Flags

Yes, I know this one fucking fails. But then, 1Malaysia is bullshit anyway so I'm not going to waste too much time on bullshit.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Great Firewall of Malaysia?

As usual, this article is based on MY OWN research. If you would like to argue against my points, go ahead. The content that can be seen in here may or may not be facts. This time, I am not accusing anyone of being corrupt. Instead, I am accusing the SKMM and Mr. Shahidan Kassim of being harsh and idiotic with their actions and statements.

Recently, there has been a lot of rage regarding the government's move to block 10 file-sharing sites. These sites include The Pirate Bay and Warez-BB. This may seem logical but is the ban on legitimate file-sharing sites like MegaUpload, Fileserve and Filestube really necessary?

1. Some people have actually paid for the premium services of these file-sharing sites. What is going to happen to those who have already paid their bills?

2. When we subscribed to the Malaysian ISPs, we subscribed for an 'open' internet. Not a censored one. Since we are paying the full price for Internet access, I believe we should have every right to access every single byte of the Net. If the government is actually paying for our bills(Or at least half of it), then nobody would protest or do anything similar. However, since they are not paying for our bills.... well, I'm sure you get the idea.

3. If this decision is actually aimed at curbing piracy, then the MCMC is only making things worse. Why? Because they are only increasing the number of 'cetak rompak' DVD sales. If the MCMC is serious about curbing piracy, then they should be organizing crackdowns against these 'cetak rompak' vendors instead of imposing ridiculous blockades like this.

4. Has the government ever thought about the legitimate users of these file-sharing sites? What will they use to transfer their projects and reports from one state to another once the government starts blocking these file-sharing sites?

5. With this ban, the government is further contradicting themselves. Pirated copies of Microsoft Windows can be found running on a numerous amount of government computer systems.

6. If legitimate file-sharing sites are banned, then why are porn sites not banned? Let us not forget about the MCMC members who were caught in the act of surfing porn.

Prior to these points, if the government is going to start breaking their promises and their own laws(refer to the MSC Bill of Guarantees), then they should not be surprised at the fact that foreign hacktivist groups are targeting them. However, the government even dares to 'LC' in the press about themselves doing the right thing, not to mention the fact that they claimed that the attacks.

If this is to continue, then Malaysia will most certainly become another form of the People's Republic of China. The last fragments of freedom of speech will disappear as they start censoring the Internet from left and right. Its ironic, really. Considering the fact that our Prime Minister promised us that Malaysia will not censor the Internet, not to mention the fact that the government is violating their own laws as usual.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moral Studies: The Book of Lies and Propaganda

Let me start off by reminding you some stuff again. This article is based on my own opinion and my own research. The contents may or may not be factual. In the event that you disagree with my viewpoints, you may voice out your disagreement. However, if you can't take any criticism at all, then I would advise you to click on the shiny, red X on the top right side of your screen.

Now, as we all know, the government is always telling us lies while censoring and silencing the crap out of anyone who tells the truth or criticizes them. With all of this crap about schoolchildren not allowed to be involved in politics, one would think that the government will at least TRY to make a good example of themselves. Or will they?

In schools, P. Moral is being used by the UMNO as their way of transmitting pro-BN propaganda to the citizens of Malaysia. However, like the Bible itself, Pendidikan Moral tends to contradict itself frequently. Take the following lines for example.

"Tidak menggunakan media massa untuk tujuan propaganda" - Nexus Vista: P. Moral, Page 187
Translation: Do not use the mass media to spread propaganda.

Seriously, just look at the damn books from the government itself. ITS FULL OF PROPAGANDA!

"Malaysia telah berjaya mengeluarkan kereta sendiri dan juga dikagumi dalam perlumbaan kereta Formula 1"
Translation: Malaysia has succeeded in manufacturing it's own cars and has also been involved in Formula 1 races.

"Kita bertuah kerena rakyat negara ini menyedari kepentingan mematuhi peraturan dan peka terhadap isu-isu sensitif yang boleh menimbulkan huru-hara dan menggugat ketenteraman awam"
Translation: We are lucky because the citizens of this country understand the importance of complying with the rules, not to mention the fact that they are careful with the sensitive issues that can cause chaos and disorder.

"Kita pasti berbangga dengan penghasilan motosikal nasional seperti Kriss dan Jaguh"
Translation: We should be proud of the motorcycles that are produced in Malaysia like the Kriss and the Jaguh.

That's a lot of propaganda now innit?

On the topic of Kebebasan Bersuara(Freedom of Speech), the government textbooks mentioned two newspapers being banned for publishing articles related to 'sensitive issues'. However, they did not give out the full story. Yes, those two newspapers are The Star and Sin Chew and that particular ban occurred on Operation Lalang.

To add icing on the cake, you may refer to these headlines that were seen in New Straits Times during the general elections in Sarawak

BN promises bright future
Don't gamble with your future
Opposition not fit to form government
Taib: We'll secure better future
Why change when BN gives us progress

These headlines were seen in 2 days of New Straits Times. And guess what? Not a single word from the opposition was published. And seriously, opposition not fit to form government? Penang has developed rapidly ever since the opposition took over. BN gives Sarawak progress? That sir, is some of the biggest bullshit I have ever read in my life.

"Rakyat negara ini juga bijak menggunakan saluran yang betul, mengikut undang-undang untuk melahirkan ketidakpuasan hati mereka tentang sesuatu perkara"
Translation: The citizens of this nation are also good at using the correct methods to voice out their disagreement while following the rules.

"Kekerasan bukanlah budaya rakyat Malaysia"
Translation: Rashness is not part of the Malaysian culture.


Skip to 1:03 for the cheese.
"Ehh, Malaysia ini negara Islam. You tidak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!"
"Hey, Malaysia is an Islamic nation. If you don't like it, then get the fuck out of Malaysia!"

And rashness IS part of the Malaysian culture. You can see it everywhere for God's sake. From the real world, to forum boards and even social networking sites.

"Malaysia ialah sebuah negara yang menjunjung prinsip demokrasi berperlembagaan. Perlembagaan Malaysia menjamin bahawa setiap warganegaranya mempunyai hak-hak tertentu di sisi undang-undang dan hak-hak mesti dihormati"
Translation: Malaysia is a country that upholds the principles of constitutional democracy. The Constitution guarantees that all its citizens have certain rights in law and their rights must be respected

It guarantees, yes. But does it live up to it's promise?

The answer is no.
Oh, and we can of course, refer to the Internal Security Act in this case. The right to arrest someone without trial or evidence? WOW! That is really democratic indeed. VERY FUCKING DEMOCRATIC INDEED. We refer to Operation Lalang again. Most of the staff who were working for the four temporarily banned newspapers were either laid off or threatened with prison and detainment under the Internal Security Act.

Obviously, as this is MORAL Studies, we also learn to respect the religions of other individuals. But is the government showing a good example? Hey guys, let's put serials on Christian Bibles and stamps that say 'FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY'. Let's ban the Iban Bible. Let's allow the Muslims to 'kutuk' the Christians freely while kicking the ass of any Christia
n who 'kutuks' back the Muslims.

Speaking on the stamps on Bibles, didn't Nabi Muhammad encourage Muslims to go and seek out knowledge? Seriously, what the fuck.

I would also like you to refer to chapter 1 of nearly every se
condary grade of P. Moral.
"Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan"
Translation: Belief in God

Obviously, it spreads crap about God being the creator of everything in the world. However, it is not based on facts. It is based on mythology. Yes, I'm sayi
ng that all religions can be considered as myths.

"Memastikan hanya perkara atau maklumat yang benar
saja disebarkan" - As seen in P. Moral Textbook F4
Translation: Ensure only the facts are being 'spread'.

In schools, Civics and Moral Studies teachers are known to state that Atheists are immoral and have no future at all.

Contradiction at it's best again! Dun dun dun....

P. Moral also teaches us that we have the right to choose our own religion. The question is: Is it true? To a certain extent, it is. While non-Malays have the right to choose their own beliefs, Malays are forced into Islam and they are NOT allowed to convert from it.

"...daripada Proton Saga hinggalah Proton Waja. Melalui Perodua pula, negara kita telah berjaya mengeluarkan kereta Kancil, Kenari dan Kelisa. Dengan perkembangan ini, tidak mustahil Malaysia akan menjadi salah sebuah negara pengeluar kenderaan bermotor yang terkenal kelak."
Translation: ....ranging from the Proton Saga to the Proton Waja. Through Perodua, the country has succeeded in producing the Kancil, the Kenari and the Kelisa. With this development, it is not impossible for Malaysia to become a country which produces famous motor vehicles.

So are you saying that we should be proud of these 'budget' cars we produce? Oh, and let's have a look at the rip-offs.The Vauxhall Vectra

The Proton Saga FL

The Mitsubishi Fiore

The Proton Saga Iswara

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo I

The Proton Wira

The Mitsubishi Evo IV

The Proton Waja(Yes, its basically an EVOIV without the spoiler)

Last, but not least......

The Mitsubishi Evo X


At this rate, Malaysia will certainly become famous................


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