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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Proof that you have no legal rights in here at all. You still want to blab about democracy, Moral Studies? Well here's a royal fuck you. COME FUCKING SUE ME MOTHERFUCKERS

Chua Soi Lek: A Lapdog of the Regime

Chua Soi Lek, currently the president of the Malaysian Chinese Association which is under the BN regime is nothing but a man of lies. He has no integrity, no pride and above all, he is a huge ass liar who manipulates the minds of the 'rakyat'.

Not only did he attend a PERKASA event, he even defended Ibrahim Ali's actions on that particular event. Now, for those of you who are unaware of this, Ibrahim Ali handed out white envelopes instead of red packets during Chinese New Year on purpose which literally means that you're wishing someone an early death. His excuse; I didn't understand the Chinese customs LOL. Seriously, what the fuck. Even if you didn't understand the Chinese customs, it should be very obvious already. TV red, calender red, clothes red, table lining red, even the decorations are red. Now you suddenly want to turn everything into white? Ibrahim Ali certainly has the guts to say that he is not racist. Of course, we couldn't let this go away without any attention at all which was why a thread on Lowyat was created. Fast forward after the first excuse and you have the resignation of Collin Tiew and Chua starts trashtalking again and comes up with a second excuse. HI GUYS, WE RAN OUT OF RED PACKETS SO WE DECIDED TO USE WHITE PACKETS TO REPLACE THEM! So far, there has been ZERO coverage from TV3 at all.

Meanwhile in January, Chua Soi Lek even went as far as to criticize the DAP for being PAS' lapdog and this statement was repeated yesterday. According to him, votes that go to the DAP will actually go to the 'corrupt jihadist' PAS and even goes as far as to state that the BN is not corrupt at all.

Now, we all know how corrupt the BN really is so let's skip to the cheese. How is voting for the MCA or SUPP any different from voting for the DAP? After all, votes that go to the MCA/SUPP will also end up in UMNO's hands too. Yes, PAS is corrupt too. There's no denying that but here's the catch. They give us progress and this has been proven in the states they control. To put it in a nutshell, it is better to vote for a corrupt government that gives us progress compared to voting for a corrupt government that only knows how to sap the rakyat's money. Who do you think pays for the promotion of 1Malaysia? Who do you think would be paying for the RM2M bribe Najib offered to Sibu if the SUPP had won? Who do you think pays for the Budget 2012 incentives? The rakyat! All of these incentives are just to bribe us into thinking that the BN actually cares when in reality, THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK. All of the incentives that are being offered is actually being paid for with the rakyat's tax money and let's face it. By taking their bribes, we can certainly expect hikes in tax rates, shittier economies and higher prices.

Chua even has the balls to trashtalk Anwar Ibrahim when he himself is involved in a sex scandal and has not been proven innocent yet? Pah! This man knows no shame and has no integrity at all. He is a shame and a huge disgrace to the Chinese race and the country known as Malaysia. How he became the president of MCA is beyond my comprehension. In fact, this man should not even be a minister of a government organization. Like our 'dear' Prime Minister Najib, he just knows how to talk big but when it comes to action, he ain't got shit. Mass blackouts are still frequent in East Malaysia, The roads are completely crap, the drains are dirty, the cities are filled with moss and they are also rampant with those who are in poverty. You call this progress, Chua?

P.S.: A royal fuck you to those who are going to spam my mailbox again just because you can't handle the truth. I would like to give a few of these retards the spotlight. They include Mr. Brian Liong of SMK Tung Hua, Sun Ki Long, Hii Chee Lung, Chua Chu Guan and some Iban douche who refuses to give out his name.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Contoh Faedah Yang Diperoleh Dalam Tugasan Harian Pendidikan Moral

This is supposed to be a parody of the stupid, fucking pointless folios we have to do for Moral Studies during our high school years. It is in no way, supposed to be taken seriously. Please do not use this in your P. Moral folio UNLESS you plan to fail your P. Moral in SPM. I will not be responsible if you seriously get your ass owned by the KPM for writing this shit in your folio.

Selepas saya membuat tugasan harian ini, saya mahu muntah kerena Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia memaksa semua pelajar di sekolah menengah yang ditanggungjawab kepada mereka untuk membuat banyak folio yang tiada matlamat seperti folio Pendidikan Moral ini.

Saya juga berasa lebih insaf terhadap propaganda yang disebarkan oleh Barisan Nasional yang suka menipu rakyat dan generasi muda dengan menggunakan matapelajaran Pendidikan Moral di sekolah.

Selain itu, saya juga mendapat kesedaran tentang amalan haram yang telah diamalkan oleh para imperialis dari parti politik Barisan Nasional yang suka main duit haram, mengambil rasuah, menipu rakyat dan mengorek duit rakyat untuk diri sendiri.

Jadi, saya akan mengambil iktibar ini supaya saya tidak akan ditipu oleh para imperialis dari Barisan Nasional.

Saya juga akan membuat perubahan sikap supaya saya tidak akan mengundi mereka selepas saya berumur 21 tahun.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Perodua: The BN regime's failure

Perodua, a Malaysian corporation that manufactures K-Class cars, including the Kancil, the Kelisa and the Kenari. Established in 1993, Perodua has had a track record of failures in the UK as opposed to Proton's success in there. Wait, what?

Since when did Perodua start producing their own cars?

"Melalui Perodua pula, negara kita telah berjaya mengeluarkan kereta Kancil, Kenari dan Kelisa." - Buku teks Pendidikan Moral Tingkatan 4, pg. 137

Translation: Through Perodua, our nation has succeeded in manufacturing cars like Kancil, Kenari and Kelisa.

So, does anyone wanna bet on this? I don't think so. Now, let us compare Perodua's cars with Japanese automaker Daihatsu. We'll start with Perodua's cars first.

Now, to prevent anyone from accusing me of bullshitting, I will be using screenshots taken from Gran Turismo II. These screenshots were taken in the game's Daihatsu's line-up and used cars section.




OK, I can understand that at that time, Perodua was still fresh to the automobile market so rebadges are fine but seriously what the fuck. You take a Japanese car, shove a Perodua badge up the car's grilles and call it 'Made in Malaysia'? This sir, is the true definition of plagiarism and a very good example of how fucked up the education system is. Its no wonder the only thing we have managed to produce are SPM graduates who can't even understand the simplest English sentences. No, seriously. I've seen people go 'LOLWUT' at me when I ask them the price for an item.

And how does the term 'plagiarism' fit both Perodua and the education system? You can put it this way. Ever since Perodua started out, it has been nothing but rebadge after rebadge. Proton on the other hand, produces shitty cars while stealing bodykits and other crap from Mitsubishi. Both automobile 'manufacturers' state that their cars are 'Made in Malaysia' when they are clearly NOT. Meanwhile in schools, we are taught to understand and follow instructions. We are not taught to think out of the box and look for the answers ourselves which is why the only thing an SPM/PMR/UPSR candidate needs to do is to just read his textbook for one hour per day because the only thing he needs to do is memorize crap. Heck, you don't even need to study for UPSR. The projects on the other hand, limits the amount of creativity you are allowed to put in so all of our projects are pretty much the same. Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that most of us end up copying other people's work too? Don't ask me why because I'm not MOOhideen or Mahathir.

Despite my hate for Proton, I have to admit that Perodua is actually shittier than Proton(HOW COULD YOU FUCK UP SO BADLY). At least Proton can design their own bodykits from time to time.

P.S.: Newer Kancils and Kelisas = Opti front.

And what's a fucking Daihatsu Opti?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What 'Sejarah' fails to teach you in school


And to those who claim that the ISA no longer exists, I present you a royal fuck you for not paying attention to the facts and believing everything the mainstream media tells you.

The ISA is not abolished. It is simply merged with other laws.
So you tell me about this 'merdeka' bullshit you love so much.

P.S.: Note that the condition for our so called independence was that we are to do everything the British way.