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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


English is a very important and awesome language. Truth be told, it is more important than most people think it is. If a CEO can't speak English, then how is he supposed to expand his assets?

The sad thing is, most Malaysians can't speak proper English. Instead of pronouncing the "vege" part of the word "vegetables" as "veshtebels", they pronounce it as "vejjytabel". If that wasn't enough, then you can refer to their Facebook pages and look at the amount of Engrish in there.

The root of the problem:

It seems that our education system isn't efficient enough. Most schools and teachers aren't putting enough emphasis on the importance of the language. They see it as a language that is only important IF AND ONLY IF the individual plans to further their studies overseas. Students aren't given enough pressure to get a pass on the particular language, thanks to the fact that we are promoting the laughable Bahasa Malaysia most of the time.

Put it this way. If everyone in the country has this kind of attitude, then our Malaysian Ringgit would be similar to the Indonesian Rupiah. If everyone is to bolster this attitude, then how are you supposed to serve the foreigners? You're cannot expect them to understand Malay or Chinese. The same applies to certain Asian countries like Japan, Thailand and The Philippines. Most kids today are only pressured to pass their English. They are never asked to ace it out for some reason. I can understand why but this bullshit has to stop before our economy is crippled to shits. We don't need another Indonesia, thank you very much. You see, this is exactly why we don't have enough people acing out their English.

I am extremely fluent in English compared to the Malaysian standard and for that reason, I am granted a certain amount of extra respect from other people. Sure, most teenagers today will not understand why, especially when it comes to the Internet Tough Guys™ but that doesn't matter because most of them will end up in the plunger, cutting trees for Emasonic and serving coffee in Esan Cafe. Those who are more successful in their endeavours will later understand why it is a very important factor when it comes to Economics. Schools should also play their part in encouraging the use of English while teachers should stop allowing students to copy the answers from their workbooks. Teachers should also force their students to use English in class when the lesson is taught in English. Telling them to do so is no use. To successfully create a rule, you must enforce it like the old days.

And yet another rant by {AW}Bryan aka OverL33T

P.S.: The amount of people who assume that I am a university grad at first sight is extremely surprising and that is one huge benefit of knowing how to speak English properly in Malaysia.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fan Mail(sort of)

: nowaday so many bastard~all of their parents izzit hooker?
haha~ no time teach then manner

Extracted from a deleted blogspot page's shoutbox.

And on the last blog....

just now i on my FB

so many ppl add mii agn

and got 1 BASTARD add my FB
✞♫♪Click Here Go BASTARD's FB♪♫✞

whos him?

i dont know

i just know this FB was a BASTARD's FB

and the BASTARD IP is

dun make me damage ur PC

i dont wan to argue with other

dowan enemy wit anyone

but dis BASTARD wan enemy v mii

kip pick flaws to mii

i just wan


no more pick flaws thx



Meanwhile on, I received a PM from the same person.

u cant c my blog
den u tot i closed my blog?
noob guy
tat jz a function to make u cnt c my blog
plsz improve ur knowledge of PC

Anyone who wishes to send these empty threats to me, please be aware that you can get sued for that and I have my own contacts within the PDRM. You have been warned.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Top 5 games to entertain you this holiday

So the holidays have arrived, and you're out of things to do!
Luckily, your friend who is known as
{AW}Bryan has come up with a list of games for you to try out during these 3 weeks.
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

Despite the fact that I am an anti-EA faggot, I have to say that I am amazed by the fact that EA managed to pull off a nearly perfect racing game for the casual gamers. If racing ridiculously fast cars isn't your cup of tea, then you can still opt for the bikes that come with the game.

Race Driver: GRID

Perhaps the best racing game available on the PC platform before DiRT2 came out, Race Driver: GRID manages to combine a racing simulation and an arcade racer into an extremely addictive racing game. Yep, what we're looking at is probably the devvies having fun again. Kudos to them for the impressive visuals and addictive gameplay.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward has been known to produce a lot of great results when it comes to the CoD series and Modern Warfare reached new heights. Although the singleplayer campaign is over in a flash, the great multiplayer and the quality of the campaign itself compensates for the short length of the singleplayer. However, be prepared to be annoyed be noobtubers, martydumbs and last shitheads.

Company of Heroes
Not too long ago, I was complaining about how most of today's real time strategy games are mere gimmicks and failures and how the old games like C&C Red Alert and Dune 2000 were a whole lot better than them. That is not the case with Company of Heroes. After playing this World War II RTS game, I can't imagine myself going back to Dune 2000 anytime soon. Get it along with Tales of Valor and you'll earn max respect.


Last, but not least, we have Audiosurf. Performance issues aside, it as an extremely unique game that allows you to play your .mp3 library in a new fashion. Valve has once again, produced a great game for us and it is available on Steam for only USD10! That is less than MYR100 so there's no excuse for you to not purchase the game or pirate it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Very small update as promised

So I promised a small piece of the fictional story I was writing for this holiday and here it is!

NOTE: Subject to change

What I am about to write happened in the year 2010.
It was on that year we fought the Revelation outbreak at the virtual frontlines.

Yes, I had a computer
Yes, I was a hacker
Yes, I am Repulse