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Friday, October 15, 2010

Next Generation Failure

Welcome to Malaysia. We have Nasi Lemak, curry chicken, Nasi Beriyani, roti canai and Char Kueh Teow. We have the greatest Prime Minister in the world and his name is Najib. We manufacture powerful cars like Proton and Perodua and sell them at an extremely affordable price. We are a peaceful, multi-cultural country. Why? Because our races are united as one, single Malaysia! We have Lee Chong Wei, who plays badminton and wins medals for us and we have our own F1 team! Our democracy is flourishing, our government is just and free from corruption, our streets are clean and beautiful and the USA can kiss Malaysia's ass.


While it is true that we have our own F1 team, it still fails to win any prizes at all. Our government is not just. If anything, it is one of the world's worst governments. Sure, Lee Chong Wei is winning medals for us but do you think the BN will continue supporting his actions? No. Why? Because he's a Chinese! What more do I need to say?

Our cars are crap, there's no denying that. We produce some of the world's worst entry-level cars in history. In fact, Proton's car designs are mere rip-offs from Mitsubishi. While I give Proton credit for the first Saga being more reliable than most of the other cars manufactured today in Malaysia, selling it for more than 20 years is just a big fat no in my book. Other than the Saga, Proton's cars are just ugly, recycled versions of Mitsubishi. In fact, Perodua and Proton is so bad, even Jeremy Clarkson hates them!

"Even Jeremy Clarkson hates them!"

And oh please, don't get me started with the democracy in here. If anything, there is no such thing known as democracy in here. All of the opposition party's speeches were banned from being broadcasted on TV because of Barisan Nasional's ego. Any amount of criticism directed against the government or the BN can get you arrested. In fact, I can get arrested for writing this shit.

If you think our education curriculum's standards is great, think again. I have only one question to ask you which will immediately obliterate any retard who says that Malaysia's academic standards is good. If our education system is so damn good, why do we have so many students going overseas to further their studies?

And the kids these days.... they just can't accept the cold truth. You try to give them the truth about Malaysia and they'll go "OMG MALAYSIA IS TEH BESTZ0R!!! FUCK J00!!!!!111". Seriously, grow the fuck up and look at yourselves. Do you think Najib will give a fuck about the Chinese's rights? Do you think he'll give a fuck about the natives like the Ibans, the Kadazans and god knows what else? Najib is a power hungry monarchist, there's no denying that. And guess what? In the future, he'll be claiming that the Malays are the rightful owners of Malaysia! Oh, and let's not forget about his recent bribery.

And what have we ever achieved after more than 50 years of independence? Lee Chong Wei and his hax0red badminton skills? Sorry, but we're losing medals at badminton too due to the fact that Lee is getting old. WCG? Sorry, but Malaysia never made it past the first round. Moto GP? Nope. Soccer? Don't make me laugh. Ping Pong? Last time I checked, it is still dominated by the guys from the People's Republic of China.

Think twice before you start bullshitting around. Just because I criticize the country does not necessarily mean that I am a racist. Fuck you, goodbye, the end.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HIStory: Do we even have them?

When we were young, we used to go outside and play childish games like Hide & Seek, Tag.... well, you get the idea. In fact, this includes the teenagers and back in the 80s and 70s, our parents as well. Back then, Windows didn't even exist. Everyone was still using DOS command prompts and typewriters. In fact, computers didn't become popular in offices until the mid-90s when Microsoft revolutionized the modern computer industry with Windos 95, 98 and Millenium Edition. Back then, it was still a premium luxury to own a computer at home due to the economic recession in 97. In fact, most of us didn't have any computers in our homes until 2004-2005. Before that, we went to cybercafes for a game of Need For Speed or Counter Strike. Back then, we didn't have Duo Cores, let alone P4s. I'm sure some of my readers here will still remember their days on a 486HZ processor but for many of us, we won't even get the chance to see a 486."Everyone was still using DOS command prompts and typewriters"

In today's world, computers have become more revolutionized than they were in the days of the 486. It has become normal for a person, even in Indonesia, to have a computer in his house. We have become spoilt by the variety of games that are available in the market. Back in the 80s and early 90s, our parents were playing Tetris, Zelda and Secret of Mana on a Nintendo. Today, we're playing Splinter Cell, Grand Theft Auto, Company of Heroes and Crysis. If the average modern teenager were to go back to playing something like The Ninja Warriors, he'd get bored of it within 5 minutes.

"Secret of Mana, 1993"
Meanwhile in offices, the paperwork is now being done by computers. Gone are the days when we had to use the typewriter to type out contracts while worrying about the typewriter itself jamming like lulz. Now we have computers which allows you to erase your mistakes without wasting any resources at all. That, and you can just stick your company's logo onto that piece of paper you call a contract with a few clicks from the mouse. Oh, and did I forget to mention that you don't have to worry about jams?

"No more jams! Why? Because we have computers!"
All of this makes me wonder what we're going to tell our kids when we have them. You see, the average student will sit in front of the computer during his free time, playing games like Call of Duty 4 while the average adult would most likely be typing out letters in front of a computer. I won't deny that I am no different. It was either playing a game, making kids cry on the Internet or doing the accounting. To make things worse, the music industry in today's society has turned into a place for wannabes. Fucking wannabes like Big Bang, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are popping out everywhere. What happened to the 80s and 90s(not to mention the early 2000s) when we had real artists like Westlife, Michael Jackson, Eurythmics, N-Sync and Duran Duran? In here, you're either a Grade-A student, spending his free time reading his textbooks and notes, or a Grade-E student, spending his time in front of a computer screen, playing DoTA all day long. There is no such thing as a Grade-B student who knows how to arrange his time.

And again, all of this crap today makes me wonder what I'm going to tell my kids about my childhood when I become all grown-up, being married and of course, having kids. Am I going to tell them about the days when I played Call of Duty 4? Am I going to tell them about these Grade-A students who end up behind the desk for the rest of their lives, doing the same thing everyday? Am I going to tell them about the wannabes like Justin Bieber and Big Bang?

Until that actually happens, FUCK IT! :)