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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Piracy is on the rise again! Another Call of Duty title gets the “Most Pirated Game of the Year” spot. Torrent servers and file hosting sites are facing a rise in traffic and pirated crap can be seen everywhere around the country. In fact, our piracy rates are so high; it can even be compared with the People’s Republic of China. To put icing on the cake, we even have stores selling pirated software! Of course, the activities of the warez scene didn’t go unnoticed by the Malaysian government. Radio stations like Hitz.FM and Trax.FM are encouraging their listeners to choose legitimate products over pirated goods. The government is imposing tighter threat to the “Commercial Warez” scene in KL; but does anyone give a shit about it? I don’t think so. To this day, night markets and shopping centers are still populated by “Warez retailers”. That is of course, asswipes who download pirated software or media for disgusting, commercial use. Those who are smart enough continue to use torrents and file hosting sites like MediaFire and only a small amount of people in Malaysia possess legitimate software. In fact, the scene in Malaysia has become so friggin retarded; people have even started categorizing games. Shitty freeware MMO games like Cocksucker Online, Mission Against Trannies, Perfect Wussies and Blackshit are called ‘Online games’ while games like Call of Duty 4, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Counter Strike and C&C Red Alert 3 are known as ‘Offline games’ or ‘LAN games’ and we all know how they got that name in Malaysia. It’s the fact that most asswipes in here have never bought a single piece of legitimate software or digital media, resulting in the fact that their access is pretty much limited to the singleplayer and/or local part of the games which is something I don’t understand. Yes, they claim that they can’t afford them but don’t let that deceive you because they can afford a shitload of craptastic ‘premium’ items on Cocksucker Online so please, don’t tell me that you can’t afford USD60 when you spend more than that on those crappy CiB games.

Cocksucker Online is considered an online game; Call of Duty 4 isn't.

Now, I know some people will probably go into QQ mode when I say that I do support piracy to a certain extent. According to an anonymous member of, piracy is a way for us to try out the software before we make the final decision of wether to buy it or not to buy it. That is of course, true to a certain extent because you can’t try out movies or music because let’s face it, doing that would be like trying to shift the gear of a car without the clutch being pushed. To be honest, I wouldn’t be supporting piracy one single bit if it wasn’t for the fact that a lot of games are overpriced these days. I mean, come on. You can still make a lot of profit by selling a game for USD30-40 as long as you have the correct marketing strategy, not to mention a good product but noooooooooooooooo. The publishers had to become greedy and raise the prices from USD40, to fifty and now, sixty. Now multiply that by 3.5 and you would have spent more than MYR200 just on a game. Yes, some games like Split/Second and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit are worth that amount of money but let’s face it; the gaming industry we know today is filled with a bunch of shitty games made only for profit and nothing else. In fact, USD60 IS overpriced. Why some publishers can’t reduce the amount of profit they receive is beyond my comprehension but one thing’s for sure; There are some people who would actually buy a legit copy of Microsoft Windows if it didn’t cost them MYR400+. Overpriced? Yes it is.

A retail copy of Win7 Ultimate costs USD400. Overpriced? Yes it is.

Games aside, the film industry is also not worth the money these days. What with the amount of wannabes popping out of nowhere and the incoherent amount of unrelated trailers and federal warnings which cannot be skipped at all. And seriously, I don’t want to buy Twilight just to rant about how crappy it is(HERP DERP). Its no wonder people download more movies than they buy and let’s face it; Why would I want to waste 10-20 minutes of my life watching unskippable crap on a legitimate disk when I can just go directly to the movie without all those hassles?

Typical Fed warning that can be found in a retail movie.

And if you’re going to tell me that piracy is stealing, then kindly ‘hear’ me out. Piracy cannot be considered as stealing due to the fact that we are not taking any revenue from the publishers and developers. We are only reducing the amount of revenue they can generate. That’s not called stealing. Its REDUCING. In fact, piracy doesn’t even generate losses and don’t believe it when publishers claim that piracy is the main generator of their losses because we all know that they’re just trying to pin the blame on someone else when its their own fault they released a shitty product or their marketing strategy isn’t strong enough. And again, piracy does not generate losses. It only reduces the amount of potential profit.


Fun fact about Malaysia: Most computers owned by the government are actually running on pirated operating systems. Yes, its contradiction at it’s very best again.