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Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Confession: The End of HMS Repulse's Anonimity

In this last post, I will confess all of my crimes and mistakes in the past. I will come clean and begin a new life.

  • In 2009, I collaborated with Wong Ho Leng of the Democratic Action Party secretly in order to bring the BN regime down.

  • In 2010, I became increasingly involved as I campaigned anonymously with Wong Ho Leng for the right to express opinions as a student and became well-versed in the Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act of 1976 and the Communications & Multimedia Act of 1998. Through our efforts, we wrested control of Sibu of Sarawak from the Neo-Imperialist BN regime. Shortly after that, I started blogging actively.
  • On that very year, I met and idolized Anwar Ibrahim

  • In 2011, I joined Anonymous Malaysia and was involved in the mass distribution of LOIC during the first #OperationMalaysia under the alias 'HMS Repulse' before our IRC channel became flooded with kids. I quit shortly after the fiasco and continued to be involved in politics on a smaller scale.

  • In 2012, I saw the opposition in their true colors and quit politics. I still continued to voice out my opinion on politics especially in school.

  • From 2009 to 2012, I had violated the Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act by voicing out my opinion on politics publicially as well as affiliating myself with a political party and the Communications & Multimedia Act for launching mass DDOS attacks during #OperationMalaysia as well as distributing LOIC through Facebook and IRC.

  • Under the alias 'HMS Repulse', I had also defaced the Malaysian flag. I had also openly criticized and slammed the Christian religion.I also did so at school as can be attested by members of the Cavalry Church of Tawau and St. Patrick's House of Prayer of Tawau.
  • While this is insignificant, in 2011 I had predicted that in 5 years time, there will be calls for the Borneo states to secede from the federation and even proceeded to call for secession during a party meeting.

I hereby officially declare myself guilty of the above crimes and will accept my sentence should the concerned authorities choose to prosecute me for these actions.

Guy with a Pen is now officially dead and there will be no more posts on this page after this one.

My anonimity ends today. The ship has truly been sunk. The guns have been bent, the hull covered in rust and the deck is flooded.

On a non-official note, I became an elitist in 2011 as well but thanks to a certain someone I will not name for security reasons, that is slowly changing. However, I still do not regret the actions I took against the Church and the Christian religion as I still have a lot of hate for them as an ex-Christian

Friday, August 16, 2013

Not again....

I'll just leave this here.
Seriously, this happens on a nearly daily basis.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Inactivity... for good?

Long story cut short, I've been very busy for the past few months and while it is true that I am taking an entire month to rest, I will be inactive soon as I will be moving and will have no access to a computer for quite awhile. But then, from the very beginning, blogs were mostly temporary activities meant to fill up time and express opinions. Perhaps that temporary period of mine is up. But then, only time will tell.... Until next time, さよなら。

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I had planned to stay out of political writing in this GE due to a whole bunch of bullshit coming from both sides but something on the roadside has recently caught my attention. Something that cannot be excused and has to be brought to light.

It would appear that Tawau's St. Patrick's Anglican Church has a traitor in it's midst, not to mention my previous school too. But perhaps this would also explain where the huge ass Anglican church gets it's funds from. Apparently a Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching is contesting in this coming General Election and she's going to be siding with the neo-Imperialist Barisan Nasional regime. Wait, what?

No, seriously. A Chinese member of St. Patrick's Anglican Church is actually going to contest in GE13 under the banner of Barisan Nasional. I mean, this is a neo-imperialist regime that has actually violated every single rule in the so-called 'Christian principles list' and even strives to oppress Christians throughout the entire nation! How can an outstanding Christian like her air out her support for a party that does everything against her public interests?

From her actions, we can already gather that Mary Yap is no Christian at all. She's a traitor, a mercenary loyal to the highest bidder and a pathetic example of why St. Patrick's Anglican Church has a lot of rich and LC members and why the private school in Bt. 10 she is directing is still able to receive so many funds. I hereby present 5 reasons to why Mary Yap is a traitor.

1. Religious agendas of the National Front

If you lurk around Facebook and read newspapers like Utusan Melayu and Metro, you'll see a lot of anti-Christian propaganda being projected by BN supporters and the BN themselves. Remember when Ibrahim Ali threatened to burn the Bible and the BN regime did nothing about it? Remember when BN accused DAP of using Christ to usurp the Islamic religion in Malaysia(bullshit religion wars again)? Remember the Allah issue that has been going on for about a decade already? How can an outspoken Christian in Sabah like Mary Yap air out her support for this oppressive regime which specifically targets her religion? Oh, and did I forget to mention that she's one of the Anglican Diocese of Sabah's chairmen?

2. Questionable principles

Christians from all over the world love to preach about moral values like having your own price, being accountable, having your own integrity, being polite and pay your respects to everyone, being rational, being fair, the list goes on and on.

However, if we look at the news(again), we can clearly see that the Barisan Nasional goes against all of that. The Barisan Nasional regime has gave out public bribes again and again until the amount of RM given out has reached billions, hurls insults at everyone who opposes them and challenges them, thinks that stealing from the rakyat is fine(LOL SHAHRIZAT), plays dirty at every single election and imposes policies which favours not the Malays, not the Chinese, not the Indians, not to any Malaysian citizen but their own selves.

 3.  Future gazer or status quo lover?

I don't think I need to mention why we need change and as a Datuk, Mary Yap should understand why it is necessary more than I do. So why is she siding with the regime? Is it because she's the typical old folk who would vote for the neo-imperialist regime every year no matter what they do? No. She's a Datuk. She should know much better than that.

But what if, JUST what if she's in it for the money? Just look at the church and compare it to Downtown Tawau! That's actually a very good example of BN's neo-Imperialism and if I remember correctly, she even drives a Toyota Fortuner 2.5G and this morning, I saw her get into a Ford Fiesta! Perhaps being elected by the PM for a very high position in the education ministry has helped her gain so many funds and now she wants to keep it that way.

4. Past, present and future

What would the future of Malaysia be like if we are still under the BN regime for the next 5 years? To be honest, it is very predictable and Yap knows that Malaysia is going to be plunging itself into disaster should the people continue to vote for BN! In the past, the Barisan has fostered the culture of uncivilized arguing, open money politics, corruption and even religious oppression. Today, the BN regime has strengthened that culture among those who have decided to stay with the regime. The future of the nation is dark under the banner of BN and yet Yap would still go and air out her support for the Barisan Nasional and betray the rakyat?

5. Conflicts with V.S.S. and V.P.S.

Normally I wouldn't politicize private education but this is a necessary exception.

Most Christian residents in Tawau will be familiar with the private Anglican school known as Vision Secondary School along with it's primary school counterpart Vision Primary School. The school was set up with the purpose of training the next generation to become key global leaders under the 'guidance of God' and to provide religious education to the young. Now, all of this sounds fancy and stuff but the problem is that as long as the primary education system isn't restructured to purge 'cari makan' teachers, this goal cannot be achieved as the primary education system in Malaysia limits the minds of the students and trains them to just shut up and follow orders. In other words, 读死书(Studying without soul?).

And again, Yap is a Datuk and has held plenty of key positions in KPM in the past. She should know this better than me and she should know that as long as the school is placed under the control of the regime, it's vision can go to hell as it has become nothing but a lip-service.

Perhaps Mary Yap should withdraw herself from politics or at the very least, examine her own self before she calls herself a Christian because no true Christian would in their right mind, support a fascist political party which endorses political figures like Ibrahim Ali of PERKASA and Najib Razak of UMNO. So Mary, if you are reading this, I'm begging you to please reconsider your stance not only for the sake of the rakyat, but for the sake of your own church.

a former V.S.S. student


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Malaysia Entering Green Politics?

Finally, the general elections have been announced. Everyone's preparing for it and the final round of voters have already registered to vote next month when the campaigning period comes to an end. As usual, you have a lot of party bashing between both pacts, lot's of ceramahs and lot's of propaganda being churned out by the newspapers and airwaves. Of course, this should be of no surprise. However, what caught me attention was this.

From what I've been seeing, it is apparent that the environmental NGO known as Himpunan Hijau is about to enter the Malaysian political scene and join the opposition parties of Pakatan Rakyat(Translation: People's Pact).

Naturally, we all have to ask ourselves a few questions regarding this recent political development in Malaysia. What will happen after the Lynas plant in Kuantan is disabled? Will Himpunan Hijau disband itself or will it continue to stay in the political field and introduce 'green' politics into Malaysia? And if it does, to what extent will they do that?

I myself am a nationalist. A fence-sitting nationalist if you must but still a Malaysian nationalist. But no matter how much of a nationalist I am, I'm still guilty of committing a crime against my own nation; a crime which I am sure every Malaysian is guilty of: littering.

Yes, I do try to dispose my trash in trash cans as much as I can but when there are none to be found, I just leave whatever canned drink or food packet I was carrying on the roadside. Why? Because its just too damn troublesome to continue carrying them around like an idiot but then, this is why you see litter everywhere in Malaysia.

A lot of us love to preach about being 'green' to our associates. Recycle, buy hybrid cars, carpool, use public transport, don't litter, use shopping bags, use recycled products, save energy, the list goes on and on. And yet most of us don't even take the initiative to practice whatever we preach!

Which brings us to the question of whether Himpunan Hijau's participation in Malaysian politics will lead to wannabe treehuggers who preach about saving the Earth being born and trust me, you don't want to see those people around you. In fact, I dare say this openly here. I wouldn't even want them in my contacts list. If Himpunan Hijau is going to address relevant issues like litter, illegal logging and stuff like that, then I have no problems at all. However, if they give rise to a whole new group of retards, then I'm sorry, but I'm pulling my support for Wong Tack right after the Kuantan plant is dismantled.

What 'green' NGOs really need to do is to address the illegal logging, forced dams and increasing amounts of palm oil plantations that could actually ruin the nation's environmental condition especially in states like Sarawak, Negeri 9 and Sabah where most of Malaysia's revenue is coming from.

The issue of littering can also be solved with simple logic. Whoever wins in the elections will have to start putting up trash cans all over Malaysia if the winning party is serious about reducing litter and going green in Malaysia and trust me, this will significantly reduce the amount of litter we have. I'm sure there are more than enough Malaysians who are willing to dispose their waste into trash cans but they can't be assed to walk all the way to the nearest rubbish dump which can range from 100m to 5km, depending on the location.

Some might think that this is a ridiculous idea but if you go to places like Singapore, Australia and America, you'd be creating a scene if you ever litter in public. That, and there are trash cans to be found all over the place unlike here in Malaysia. This should be enough to explain why developed countries look so clean(or at least, clean enough to be acceptable) and let's face it, no matter how much it costs, it will still be more productive and cheaper than say.... the purchase of 'unsinkable' Scorpene submarines, the purchase of useless Raptors, the construction of condominiums in a historical site or if you must go to the extreme, 1Malaysia 'incentives'.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Beginning

Another year passes us, another batch of public exam papers gone and I'm finally out of school, free from the boundaries imposed by certain oppressive laws.

But with this graduation comes a new beginning for Guy with a Pen. Formerly known as Democrazy, Guy with a Pen was essentially a political blog run by a 15 year old schoolboy who had too much time on his hands.

Don't get me wrong, I still have too much time on my hands and there are simply no job positions available at the moment to fill up that time. But the 'mood' of my writing has changed. Perhaps this happens a lot with fence-sitters but if you were to ask me what I would be writing about next, it wouldn't be about religion or the current affairs of Malaysia anymore. It would be about the daily goings of life and maybe, just maybe, some religious ranting again.

My lifestyle has also changed drastically in the past 2 months. These days, you would see me in front of an LCD monitor reading visual novels and Tom Clancy's collection. If you don't see me doing that, then I'm probably playing Osu!

Or reading a certain visual novel...

And yes, before you ask, I do read this kind of stuff.

Anyway, starting from this year, less activity can be expected on this blog as I have absolutely no intention of turning this into one of those 'ZOMG HE LIE ME BUT I LOVE HIM' blogs. Seriously, there's more than enough of those around the Internet already.

Friday, December 28, 2012

False Malaysian Nationalism

Patriotism huh? There's plenty of talk about that these days. What with the general election coming, the recent rallies in West/Peninsular Malaysia and our 'dear' Prime Minister introducing more BR1M handouts. Schoolteachers preach to their students, especially those who are teaching P. Moral for 5 days straight in a typical week and it is not strange to find the average Malaysian student blabbing about 1Malaysia and how Najib has been 'a good man' to us. However, all of this is just talk.

It is sad but the definition of nationalism in Malaysia has clearly been twisted to the point where it cannot really be called nationalism at all. You see, in Malaysia, being a 'patriot' according to the eyes of the majority of society is to have blind obedience and loyalty to the government. Acts like criticizing Najib's Budget 2013 policy or the Sultan are considered as seditious(hasutan) acts. While everyone knows the fact that PROTON produces mediocre versions of Mitsubishis(Satria Neo and Arena excepted), most of these so-called patriots would still parrot about how 'good' they are just because they're made in Malaysia. If one were to criticize the way PROTON and Perodua implements plagiarism into their marketing strategies and their lack of quality, he would be marked as an immoral, unpatriotic person. In some cases, if a Malaysian were to buy a Japanese or European import, he would also be labelled as 'unpatriotic'. If things were to become any worse, attending rallies like BERSIH and Himpunan Hijau are also considered as seditious acts. Even supporting government policies and loving the Prime Minister is associated with nationalism. Seriously, the list is just filled with these ridiculous things.

Now, with all of this talk about blind obedience and loyalty to the government, you would expect Malaysians to be willing to contribute to society in any way they can but the reality is that they're not. On September, a private high school in Tawau organised a 'gotong-royong' event throughout the entire Fajar district which involved the entire school. A few days later, a survey was conducted among the F4 and F5 students who were asked if any of them would wake up early on a Saturday morning to do this kind of activity voluntarily. Out of approximately 50 students, only 2 raised their hands. The Chinese are also known to complain about the present regime and it's policies a lot but most of them don't even vote at all. While it is true that there are plenty of Chinese who are voting for PR and BN parties, the fact remains that these people are the minority.
Then, you have the people who simply do not care at all. These people are no different than the rural Malays who are easily contented with whatever they have. All they care about is being able to afford 3 meals, marry, have sex, get some kids, attend funerals, weddings, parties, maybe a car, maybe a television, that's it. The only difference is that they care more for luxuries. Other than that, they really could care less about everything around them despite the fact that they like to gossip about their neighbours and colleagues and to top it off, there's a lot of talk about 1Malaysia and yet nobody is actually striving towards it. The Chinese continue to remain snobbish, rude and exploitive especially when it comes to financial matters. The Malays on the other hand, continue to remain ignorant and even mix 'protecting Malay rights' with patriotism.

Sad to say, common nationalism in Malaysia has clearly transformed into something that cannot be defined as 'loving one's own country' anymore. The Malaysian people are living in denial, a false hope for better changes while sticking to the status quo. No matter how many statistics you show these people, they will remain stubborn on their views and will even go as far as to call real nationalists 'proud, arrogant people which the nation does not need' when they themselves contribute very little(if any at all) to the nation's infrastructure. The mainstream media and education system has certainly succeeded in brainwashing them to such an extent where common nationalism has actually turned into blind obedience and submission to the powers-that-be. In fact, through the manipulation of these two aspects of our daily life, the BN regime has successfully maintained the feudalist mindset of the typical Malaysian and this can be seen clearly in the lack of private education institutions throughout the entire country along with the fact that the majority of the population, regardless of race, depends on the government to such an extent that the entire country is at the government body's mercy and usually, nobody questions what they do at all. We shall now analyze these 2 aspects and later, analyze how these 2 work in tandem in the process of brainwashing generations of Malaysians.

According to the Malaysian History textbooks, May 13 is supposedly a racial riot where the Chinese and Malays ran amok as a result of slanders from DAP, PAS and PAP. However, the released official documents and Mahathir's The Malay Dilemma along with the testimonies from witnesses that are still alive suggests that the Malays were the ones running amok. True, DAP and PAP did try to denounce the Malays' special position in Malaysia itself under the 'Malaysian Malaysia' slogan. However, the Alliance's role of instigating the racial riot(Let's instill more hate against the non-Malays among the Malays!) was not mentioned at all. Fast forward to the Malaysia we know today and you will see the May 13 card being played by the BN(previously Alliance) regime in order to perpetrate more fear and hatred among the rural Malays against the opposition parties and it doesn't stop there. Because of historical events that have affected the Malay race, the BN regime can also be seen using words like communist, ungrateful Malays, uncivilized, irrational, selfish and even dogs when describing the opposition parties especially when it comes to racial issues and people actually believe in that crap because the mainstream media apparently 'reports the facts', or so they say. Well, they certainly do report the facts but at the same time, most of the reports are biased and some are even filled with pure BS and the recent 'Opposition victory will result in another May 13' statements are good examples of that. In fact, a lot of people(Chinese included) will happily blab about how Communism is bad and why Malaysia should never become a Republic without understanding the differences between Communism, Socialism and Capitalism or the concepts of Confederacies and Republics. Why? Because the newspapers and textbooks 'provides us facts'. Or so they think...

Obeying the law has also recently come to my attention as a form of so-called patriotism. A friend of mine who studies in a government told me that his teacher was preaching to his class about how 'uncivilized' and 'unpatriotic' the BERSIH 3.0 participants were and how they should have obeyed the law and not question SPRM's integrity and legitimacy at all. Why? Because they are the government and they are apparently 'the ones we owe our nation's fruits to'. Joy of joys. Oppression is even implemented in schools? I'm not too surprised to be honest, especially when most schools make it clear in their rulebooks that no student is allowed to be part of any organization or student body without the special permission of MOOhideen himself, let alone voice out his opinion and any student who is caught doing so will be expelled without question and even the law(refer to Education Instituions(Discipline) Act) sanctions this oppressive act. This act is also encouraged in P. Moral under the Democratic Moral Values section. According to Kebebasan Bersuara(Freedom of Speech), an individual has every right to voice out his opinion as long as it is in accordance to the norms of the Malaysian society, Malaysian law and the Constitution. Just how much more autocratic can you get?

With all of this BS, you'd think that no one is stupid enough to buy the crap the government feeds them but the fact is, a lot of people still do. Voters or not, you still have a whole bunch of people who actually believe that the BN regime is doing the right thing, that Najib cares about the 'rakyat' and even idiots who would parrot about 1Malaysia and Wawasan 2020 when they know absolutely NOTHING about the details at all. And I'm not just referring to the 'longhouse folk' in Sarawak and the rural Malays. I'm referring to the Chinese, the Indians and the urban natives of Borneo too. Sad to say, the Alliance party has succeeded in brainwashing the Malaysian people to become narrow-minded through the education system and the laws that discourage private entrepreneurship and education. We might claim that our education system is one of the most advanced in South East Asia but the results shown by the average Malaysian suggests otherwise. In fact, the average Malaysian student in primary education will most likely have gone to tuition before simply because the official education system is mediocre. To make things worse, most of the tuition centers in Malaysia constitute an entirely different education system to the point where it clearly shows that the Malaysian education system is in shambles! In fact, in 2011, a study conducted by The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement shows that Malaysia's Form 2 students' performance in Science and Mathematics is beyond average. A shocking turnout when Malaysia had a track record of academic success and even got themselves in the the top 10 list(Mathematics) in 2003. The following is a table of Malaysian results in TIMSS 1999-2011. Note that the 1995 results were not included as Malaysia did not participate in the survey back then.

With the huge gap between the results in 2003 and 2007, you'd think that people would realise the truth by now but noooooooo. You still have idiots who have the balls to claim that Malaysia's education standards are increasing because the percentage of passes in SPM and PMR are increasing. Oh, and not too long ago, MOOhideen even boasted that Malaysia had one of the best education systems in the world. Sorry, Mr. DPM. That statement has been nullified by the results and the fact that most young Malaysians are uncivilized as hell and know nothing at all. Just look at the amount of kids trashtalking while playing DotA and even some of the adults who lived through the MCE-era(Which was mind you, of ridiculously higher standard) days are guilty of uncivilized arguing too! Our schools have clearly failed to train the Malaysian youths properly!

So, patriotism? Nationalism? I think that is non-existent in Malaysia to be very honest. In fact, unless by some miracle, the Malaysian people can wake up in time, this will remain so in the years to come whether PR wins the upcoming general election or not. The desire to question our leaders for the sake of the nation and it's people, let alone one's own self simply isn't there. What the commoners would call nationalism cannot be defined as true nationalism at all. Rather, it is better to call it false nationalism.