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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colin McRae Rally 2005 Malaysian Style

As some of my readers will know, recently I have been reskinning some cars in Colin McRae Rally 2005 to spread anti-government sentiments. No, I did not steal the skins from another site. This is completely my own work with the exception of the 'Stop LYNAS' logo on the Escort Mk. 1 which was ripped out of Google.

Ford Escort Mk. 1 LYNAS skin

Mitsubishi LanEVO anti-BN regime skin

Please note that the skin shown in the video was an incomplete version of the skin. However, the only change in the final product is that the rear end of the car which shows a modified version of the blue part of the Malaysian flag has been painted completely in blue instead of red.

After lots of testing and failures, only a few minor changes in positioning could be kept in the final products due to the fact that I fail at Photoshop :(

To install, simply copy these files into the cars' respective folders. Of course, you will need CMR05 in order to enjoy these skins.

Friday, March 9, 2012

They Choose Not To Care

It really is sad when we look at the attitude of the average Malaysian today. On one hand, you have the adults who do paperwork behind a desk all day long, checking accounts, teaching the same shit at schools while forcing their pupils to copy and paste every god damn thing(Like the SPM forces you to. Yes, they teach you how to fail in Malaysian public schools), heaving the same crates every day and making the same decisions every day. They eat, they work, they sleep. They don't get involved in charity work, they don't contribute to society at all and they are not interested in the truth at all. On the other hand, you have the kids who go to school every day, learning how to blend into the copy and paste system, how the 'almighty' BN regime is just and great, writing in useless folios that have no room for creativity or expressions at all(Pretty much every 'coursework' in the SPM system ends up being the same shit in a different toilet), memorizing crap, understanding stuff in school without actually looking for the answers themselves and yes, they learn to BOW DOWN TO THE BN REGIME AND SHUT UP IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT. And if you thought it couldn't get worse, kids in here actually learn to fail at life at home too. They are just taught to shut up, mind their own business, study, get a good job, get a beautiful wife/husband, have sex, have kids and go to hell. They are not taught to contribute to society or achieve anything with their lives at all. Leave all the other crap that makes the world go round to the others even if they fuck around with you because according to their mindset, you can't do shit at all. In short, schoolchildren in here are actually trained to fail at life.
'schoolchildren in here are actually trained to fail at life'

In the Malaysia we know today, most people will cry about all sorts of bullshit and express sympathy for those 'tragic' events. OH HAI GUISE, mother nature accidentally Japan. Sri Lanka gets flooded. Thailand gets flooded with water. Michael Jackson accidentally himself. This guy got decapitated, that guy got owned by a virus, the list goes on and on. They will tell you all sorts of crap about it but when it comes to action, the silence begins. You see, most Malaysians are actually the 'talk cock all day long but no action' class. They just love to blab about disasters when it happens and jump into what I call the 'stereotype sympathy bandwagon'. To make things worse, some of these people will actually go to great lengths to criticize the BN regime but when it comes to taking action, these people won't even take the time to get out there and vote! Why? Because they think that whatever those assholes in the BN and PR do are not related to them at all and this is how Malaysia became the fucked up place it is today. Heck, some people are not even aware of the existence of the opposition!
'Some people are not even aware of the existence of the opposition'

Of course, some of you might be wondering how politics affects us, the people. Let's get straight to business then.

1. Economically

Politics affects the 'rakyat' economically as the economy is actually run by the government. Bad policies will lead to shitty economies which will in turn, increase the poverty rate and trigger inflation. When this happens, the Malaysian Ringgit becomes devalued and prices sky-rocket as if you were driving a V12. To give you a big idea of what bad policies are like, let's have a look at the Budget 2012 incentives.

While it is true that the RM500 and RM100-200 included in B2012 sounds good, the long term effects can be catastrophic. Because governments need money to run, they will soon be lacking in funds which will force them to transfer the losses to the people. We can certainly expect inflation and the possibility of a tax rate increase as a result of these so-called 'incentives' which are clearly given out to bribe the people because we all know that PRU13 is coming soon.

2. Socially

While this is just a minor factor, whatever the government does will also affect the people socially as they are the ones who control the mainstream media. Because of the brainwashing they have been forcing on us, we are expected(and most of us do) to believe everything the news reports. Because of the government's policies in the academic field, we are trained to turn a blind eye to everything while shutting up about things we don't like. In most schools, teachers will force everyone to memorize all sorts of useless crap which in turn, results in students who expect the teacher to know everything. Because of this, most of us tend to ask stupid questions instead of looking for the answer ourselves. Oh, and we are also trained to shut up about what the imperialists at the BN do to the East.

The list is actually longer than these two points but that would take too long to elaborate.

The problem is, most of us have adopted this thing called the 'Cari Makan' attitude. Basically, we just eat, work, play and sleep. We go through our lives everyday, doing the same shit for the next 40+ years in our careers. We don't give a shit about NGOs, we don't give a fuck about what the BN regime is doing, nothing. Basically, most Malaysians are living as machines. They are not interested in what is going on around them. They are not interested in looking for the answers themselves nor do they care about protecting their own rights. Because of this, the BN regime has been able to fuck around and manipulate the polls to the point where they have ruled Malaysia for 54 consecutive years and nobody gives a shit even if the system and the government turns out to be oppressive.

'The BN has been ruling Malaysia for the past 54 years'

And they don't just turn a blind eye towards the events happening around them. They disrespect those who fight for them too! While NGOs and civilians were rallying in BERSIH 2.0, those who were sitting comfortably in their homes were mocking them for 'waging a pointless war'. While Malaysians participated in a mass DDOS attack carried out by Anonymous last year, Malaysians laughed at them and mocked them on While you are busy fighting for the people's rights, they are busy mocking you and talking behind your back. That is how fucked up Malaysia is. In fact, it is because of people like them, we are still able to enjoy an alternative form of democracy in here today. Nobody cares if the economy is crashing down. Nobody cares if the imperialists are 'songlap-ing' our money. Nobody cares if the government is lying to us. All they care about is their own self-satisfaction.

If all that wasn't enough, some people would even go '1Malaysia' up your face all day when they don't even know anything about their own country. They don't know who Tunku Abdul Rahman is, they don't know what the Malayan Union is, they don't know why Singapore and Sarawak signed up for the club in the first place, they don't know how their own race got into this place a few hundred years ago. In fact, some of these people don't even know who Najib is! Or if you must, some people don't even know where West Malaysia is! In fact, there are some people who would believe you if you told them that West Malaysia is above the People's Republic of China. No bullshit here, people. I have actually met people like that before. Now, how the fuck are you supposed to love your own country when you don't even know it?

Not only has the doctor become the disease, the people have also become the bad apples, allowing the doctor to infect as much as he wants. This is Malaysia today. A failed nation. A failed 'rakyat'. A failed unity. A failed effort.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Photoshopping

It has been awhile since I made a Photoshop post so let's have a look at what I have done with it so far.
As usual, the Education department gets bashed up by me. However, this time, I'm doing it in 'style'.

This is actually a parody related to one of those Japanese 弾幕(Danmaku, or bullet hell) games you used to see on the arcades you went to. In fact, this game is one of the most popular games in Nippon. For those who don't understand, go download Touhou 8 - Imperishable Night.

Reskin of the LanEVO in Colin McRae Rally 2005. Why the LanEVO of all the other cars? Because I fucking hate Proton to infinity for being plagiarists. Oh, and this is not the final product. I will release it when its done.
Oh look! A spoof of the so-called Suruhanjaya Pencagah Rasuah Malaysia(Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission)!
For those who don't understand, 'Penindasan' and 'Menindas' means oppress while 'Berasuah' means to corrupt or get involved in corruption. Haram... well, look it up in the Quran and you'll find out.

And yet another 東方Project reference. For those who don't understand, here's where I got the idea from.

I plan to release a Japanese version of this image sometime in the middle of the year for extra lulz.

In response to the now infamous LYNAS Limited Corporation's activities in Malaysia, I put aside the LanEVO livery for awhile to work on this. And again, its still a WIP but this shouldn't take too long as the Escort Mk. 1's default skin is plain enough to make quick work of it.