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Sunday, October 23, 2011

ISA to be abolished? Oh please....

Late to the party again but I've been busy with my examinations for the past few weeks so I didn't have time to write anything on this particular subject. So anyway, a few weeks ago, I read an article on the New Straits Times which states that the government is actually planning to abolish the ISA along with the repeal and review of a few other Nazi-like laws that can be found in your books if you study law.

However, we must take note of the fact that our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, has also stated that the ISA will be replaced by two new laws which will "safeguard peace and order". Below is an extract from

"Najib said the two new laws would be formulated “under the spirit and umbrella” of Article 149 of the Federal Constitution to prevent subversive elements as well as fighting organised terrorism and crime, in order to safeguard peace and public order."

From this line, it is obvious that the laws that are going to replace the Internal Security Act are going to be similar to the Internal Security Act itself. In short, the ISA is not being abolished. It is being renamed and split into two acts. If anything, we can expect the tyranny of the BN regime to introduce laws that are worse than the ISA itself.

No matter how you look at it, removing an act and then introducing two similar laws is does NOT mean that it is being abolished. It is only being renamed and split into two acts. So Mr. Prime Minister, kindly stop talking cock and spreading it all over the headlines because those who are decent enough to look for the truth will know that this is a huge ass lie already. I mean, seriously. This issue has been debated in the parliament for decades already. Why would the BN regime suddenly decide to abolish it? The answer is simple; GE13 is coming. This is just the Prime Minister's latest move to gain support from the people so that he can reclaim the states he lost to the opposition.

I will however, give the Prime Minister and the BN regime some credit. They are certainly doing a good job at spreading their propaganda. They have been spreading this all over the news broadcasted on their TV stations along with the printing press. Newspaper headlines are filled with praises of Najib 'abolishing' this particular act. Don't forget, we are talking about a whole bunch of Malaysians who can't use their heads and think properly to see through the lie. They will seriously buy anything the government tells them. In fact, if you told them that we're actually getting fair prices for our own cars, they'd believe it!

So, Malaysia to become a pro-democratic country? In your dreams, kids. However, I certainly do hope that I am wrong about this so if anyone wishes to prove me wrong, go ahead.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Something is seriously fucked up with the education system

Someone is seriously fucked up in the Malaysian education system. A few decades ago, the University of Malaya was actually one of the best universities in the entire world. In fact, it ranked somewhere in #50++ in the university rankings back then. Now, it has dropped all the way to #167. The National University of Singapore on the other hand, ranked #28/200. Singapore is such a small country and yet they are doing A LOT better than we are doing. In fact, one can only wonder what we have been doing for the past 54 years. True, I don't know much about tertiary education. However, I can certainly say that the education system is seriously fucked up in secondary and primary schools. University of Malaya ranked #167 this year. Something is seriously fucked.

The segregated primary school system has been in Malaysia long before I was born. The Chinese go to Chinese schools, the Indians go to Indian schools and the Malays go to the so-called 'national' schools when in fact, they're actually Malay schools. Seriously, what the fuck? If the government is actually trying to promote this 1Malaysia bullshit they love to preach to us, then we should have abolished this system a long time ago. Racial unity my ass, people. If anything, this kind of system is only blowing up shit while encouraging racism. This is NOT racial unity, this is not 1Malaysia.

Racial disunity has always been rampant in the education system. SJK(C) Jerik is one of the many public primary schools which only has Chinese primary school students.

The average Malaysian student's school life is pretty much like this. Wake up early in the morning, go to school, memorize this, memorize that, go home, eat, do homework and sleep. After 6 years in primary school, he takes his UPSR(Certificate for primary schools. Don't ask me why it even exists) exam and usually passes it with a whole bunch of Cs on his UPSR certificate. After wasting one and a half month in school, he celebrates his holidays and waits for secondary school to come to him. After enrolling himself in his secondary school, he memorizes EVEN MORE CRAP for the next three years and takes his PMR exam(lower secondary assessment test? WTF). Once that is over, he moves over to his last 2 years in school. In the first year, he gets to decide whether to go into the Art/Business stream or the Science stream. If he goes into the Art/Business stream, he gets more stuff to memorize and is usually excluded from the majority of the school's activities. If he's in the Science stream, then he gets to have fun in labs and field trips while having to memorize even more crap. Oh, and for some reason, only the Grade-A students are allowed in the Science stream. Seriously, what the fuck.

Most school teachers in Malaysia are NOT dedicated to their jobs at all. Sad, really. But then, we all must face the facts. The government tells you that we have a fuckton of teachers in our schools who actually give a fuck about your future. Fact is, they don't. The only responsibilities they have is to hand in lesson plans, make sure they complete the syllabus, make sure you complete your god damn projects and make sure you complete your homework, not to mention a fuckton of work that should be done by the secretary. They don't give a shit about you, your results or your future. The only thing they care about is getting their high paychecks. No, fuck you. Don't tell me that if our teachers were only interested in the money, they wouldn't be teaching. Fact is, it is VERY, VERY EASY to become a school teacher in Malaysia. All you need to do is to pass your SPM, complete the training course and start out with a year of probation and approximately MYR2500 per month. After that year, your salary gets bumped up to MYR3000, give or take. In fact, some headmasters are actually earning four whole zeroes on their paychecks. Of course, all of them have to attend all these seminars in which the BN blabs about all sorts of crap and lies, not to mention a few threats about siding with the political coalition that opposes the BN regime. But then, WHY SHOULD THEY GIVE A FUCK WHEN THEY'RE EARNING DECENT PAYCHECKS? A lot of teachers in government schools also never bother to attend to the PMR candidates once they finish their exams. No, seriously. Once they finish their PMR, they have to waste more than a month in school until the official school holidays begin. And what do they do in school for more than a month? NOTHING! They just go there to be there just because the government demands it to be so. Oh well, at least in my days, I could drooooooooool over the hot Form 6 chicks for a longer time lololol. So anyway, back to SERIUZ BUSINESS.

Most teachers also tend to neglect the lower class students due to the fact that according to them, they're a waste of their time. Seriously, its the same thing in over 90% of the government schools in Malaysia. Try complaining to your teacher about that asshole who broke your stuff deliberately and they won't give a fuck. However, if you're a Grade-A student, the teacher will certainly act at once and take action against that one asshole. I was a bit of an exception in the days when I was in Sibu due to the fact that I could argue properly unlike some individuals I could name who are only capable of throwing insults, not to mention the fact that I am quite fluent at English. However, that does not change the fact that most Art stream students are neglected by their teachers.

You can call our teachers 'qualified and dedicated' all you want. That does not change the fact that most of them are the complete opposite of what you claim. In fact, most of our teachers are actually UNQUALIFIED. I don't care if they passed your god damn training, Mr. KPM. Like I said, its easy to become a school teacher here in Malaysia. And yet you still cry about Malaysians having a poor grasp of the English language? Look at your teachers for crying out loud. They can't even get their phonics correct. You expect them to be able to teach English professionally with efficiency? Oh please.... OK, I can forgive the ones who gave up because of the shitload of secretarial work they have to do, not to mention the disciplinary matters in most schools. However, if we can't raise the standards of our teachers and their training programmes, then we might as well forget about having teachers.

Because of this load of bullocks, most students in university tend to struggle through their studies in their first years, along with a whole lot of expulsions due to unsatisfactory results. This is because of the fact that the Malaysian education system does not encourage common sense, creativity and innovation. It encourages us to just stick to the status quo and resort to the usual copy-pasting method of doing things. When these kids get into university or college, they won't know what to do as there are just too many changes for them to cope with. Seriously, even the teachers at secondary school and primary school will go to great lengths to encourage you to stick to the copy-pasting trend. In the end, what purpose does it serve? An entire year of bullshit in university, the risk of an expulsion and yes, the risk of having to apply to the social welfare department for financial assistance. All thanks to your secondary and primary school teachers. Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention the shitty projects you have to do while you're in secondary school? Basically, all you have to do is copy a shitty format, do some research or labour work, jot down all sorts of useless crap which you copied from other projects and voila, you have completed a Malaysian school project! In fact, the format of the project is so shitty, it leaves no room at all for creativity or innovation. Isn't that what schools are supposed to do? Train the next generation to think out of the box? Seriously, its no wonder the academic standards in here are so god damn low.

Something is also seriously fucked with the standards of the English language in here. I most seriously cannot comprehend the fact that I was able to be better than over 70% of the Form 4 students who took ICAS for English and Writing this year. I was expecting about 50% but no, it was over 70% on both papers. This leads me to question the DPM as to whether he is serious about incorporating English as an important second language. Most of our English teachers are actually incompetent. They cannot even do the phonetics crap so why they are teaching the more advanced crap is beyond my comprehension. A lot of teachers also do not understand the pattern and methods of teaching English. If this is executed correctly, any kid can learn to speak English properly or at least get the grammar right within half a year. Sadly, our nation's training courses for teachers does not seem to teach them that. Ho hum.....
English standards in here are very low, considering the fact that this sore loser here could actually be better than over 70% of the Malaysian candidates who took the same paper this year

Because of the shitty SPM system, English is usually seen as an unimportant subject. It is not necessary to pass English in order to get into some of the universities in here. No, seriously. This is a god damn fact. The ridiculous amount of Malay dubbing in Japanese anime and American cartoons that are aired on TV can also hinder the the learning process of the viewing student. Yes, they actually fucking dubbed Mickey Mouse in BM. Summore the voice over sounds so fucking weird, I would rather go play Modern Warfare 2 if I had to choose between those two.

At this rate, Malaysia is seriously heading into disaster. In fact, I would not be surprised if we are already producing mediocre graduates from our universities. Oh wait, INTI and MARA are already doing that LOL