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Saturday, May 12, 2012

And again, more photoshopping

So, more inactivity since things are getting messier everyday and I simply don't have enough time to write short articles on current issues anymore. These days I only have enough time for a game of Touhou or two and a few minutes of Photoshopping.

This was in response to BERSIH 3.0. However, as I was late to the party, this is still a WIP :(

And again, more Touhou references since Big Apple seriously sounds a lot like Bad Apple!!


 Got bored on a Saturday night and I happened to be playing Colin McRae Rally 05 when I found myself using the Volkswagen R32 and remembered the 'Das Auto' slogan. So, to 'honour' our 'dear' country's car producer, Proton, a spoof had to be made.

Self-explanatory. Nothing else needs to be said other than the fact that the original picture is from one of IOSYS' .swf animations.

The concept of this one actually came from a very interesting video that was posted on Youtube a year ago which encouraged people to vote. As it so happens, I was replaying that video for no reason whatsoever and in the next 5 minutes, I found myself doing this.

And here we have the English version.

Yes, I had to resort to flipping the entire logo upside down again to get the text right.

Meanwhile in the editing room, I have been busy with a project known as 'The Malaysian Dilemma'. No, I'm not about to tell anyone what it is...... yet.