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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Freedom of Speech

It is now 2010. The younger generation is becoming modernized by the government and their environment. Most of us would already have heard about the concept of 'Freedom of Speech' but how much do they know about the concept of FoS?
"How much do they know about the concept of FoS?"

If anything, their knowledge about this concept is next to nothing at all. The average teenager in Malaysia would usually rush into a conversation without any understanding on the subject at all. These subjects can be anything from politics to law. And when someone rubs the truth all over their face, the idiot would go into rage and start pointing middle fingers at the person who just gave him/her a good round of "lolowned".

A good example of a sore loser who can't accept the truth. Please click on the image to view it properly.

From my observation, most teenagers in Malaysia look at the concept of Freedom of Speech as a right to talk cock, even when they don't even have the slightest idea of what they are talking about. In the eyes of the average Malaysian, the freedom of speech is a right that is to be denied from the younger generation. Judging by the amount of retards in the younger generation, I can understand their point of view.

If all that wasn't enough, there are some who think that freedom of speech means the right to put up bullshit on their Facebook. Say... something like "butuh kau" or "pergi matilah, *insert name here*." Little do they know that they can be sued for that. I seriously don't understand why they can't take a bit of criticism. All of these idiots try to act like tough guys whenever the truth gets rubbed all over their face. Instead of leaving the conversation, they would go to great lengths to evade the truth while starting a flame war. In the end, the flame war always ends up with the idiot getting a good round of "lolowned" and the troll being subject to unoriginal insults by the noob. If the majority of the next generation is like this, then this country is seriously fucked.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School For Pregnant Teenagers?

Recently, someone within our government's education department in Melaka has made a suggestion to start a school for pregnant teenagers. Yes, a school for pregnant, underage girls people. This isn't a joke either. I can see a lot of boos coming to this suggestion to be honest but please, use your brains for once. Do you think these people should be excluded from society?
"Yes, a school for pregnant, underage girls people."

According to my own knowledge, pregnant teenage girls are usually forced to stop schooling. In some cases, they will only be allowed to return to the school for examinations and nothing more than that. The reason? It's simple. The school administration board doesn't want their image to be tarnished by that single individual and since she is going to be subject to verbal abuse, they might as well expel her. It's a win-win solution right? Wrong. Basically, these premarital pregnant individuals are trapped. They're excluded from society, the public has no respect for them and no school will accept them anymore. This is where a school for pregnant teenagers comes in. Not only will this school be able to prepare the pregnant individuals for the birth of their babies, the percentage of "pembuangan bayi" cases can also be reduced dramatically as the government monitors the concerned individuals actions towards their infants.

However, a school for pregnant teenagers will have it's own cons too. What will the younger generation think of premarital sex? This is like giving them the green light to have sex at an inappropriate age. Let us not forget that most of these teenagers are still relying on mommy and daddy to spoonfeed them. Also, as the school takes in more students, the identity of the concerned individuals may be revealed over time since the school only accepts pregnant teenagers. To put it in a nutshell, the concerned individuals and parents won't have any room for privacy at all as society looks down on them. They are also subject to verbal abuse from the public.

Of course, sex education is the way to go but our government is nowhere near to providing that kind of education soon enough. As I have said before, sex education SHOULD start from Primary 1 instead of Secondary 3.

This is OverL33T, jacking off another rant.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The most annoying sound in the world

When it comes to music, we all love artists and bands like Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Big Bang, Tae-Yang and Super Junior right?


Big Bang and Super Junior can fuck off with their unoriginal songs as far as I am concerned. Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus can fuck off with their whiny voices. Justin Bieber? Fuck it. And please, get the fuck out if you're going to start a flame war with me just because I mentioned one of your idols just now because I have a very good reason to criticize them.
"They're nothing compared to what we had in the past."

You see, today's record labels are only interested in earning money. They're not interested in the satisfaction of their customers as long as you give them the fucking money they want. And you know today's pop stars, they're just wannabes. They're nothing compared to what we had in the past. Back then, we had Westlife, Boyzone, N-Sync, Tears For Fears, Dschinghis Khan, Eurythmics, Rod Stewart and yes, Michael Jackson. Each one of these artists have actually contributed something new to the music scene whereas the majority of today's pop stars have no creativity at all. All their songs are about sex, girls and money. What makes it worse is the fact that even White Americans have started to invade the rap scene. People like Justin Bieber and Eminiem MAKE MY EARS BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

"Oh, and have you seen the 'gangsta' hairstyles some of these fuckers do?"

If that wasn't enough, even the Chinese, South Koreans, Malays, Japanese and Indonesians have started to invade the craptastic wannabes scene and have started to rap and sing about the same thing. That is of course, sex, girls and money. Yes, I'm talking about sore losers like Pop Shuvit, Big Bang and The GazettE. Fuck me sideways if you're going to ask me to listen to them. Sure, K-Pop and J-Pop used to be decent in the past but it has also deteriorated into a scene for wannabes. Anyone who has the money can get himself a record label already. Oh, and have you seen the 'gangsta' hairstyles some of these fuckers do? Thank god we still have decent artists like Ayumi Hamasaki, the last of the pop stars who remain loyal to real music. And please, I would rather commit suicide if I had to listen to Tae-Yang singing 'I NEED A GIRL'.

This is {AW}Bryan singing off another rant.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1 Malaysia? I think not

Yes, I am finally bringing up the issue of the now infamous 1 Malaysia concept. Yes, this is a political article so for those who are too sensitive to fucking understand this one, please click the X button on the top right side of your browser's window.

Now, I do understand the concept of 1 Malaysia. It is meant to unite the many races of Malaysia together. In the words of Malaysia's now infamous Chinese rapper, Wee Meng Chee; "If we work together, everything will be free." Sounds easy on the paper, right? I think not.

Personally, I see this 1 Malaysia BS as a "frontline" for the UMNO to achieve more votes. You might remember Najib's recent bribery of MYR5M in Sibu which took place a few months ago. Remember his "You help me, I help you" speech?

"Let's make a deal. If you deliver me Robert Lau Jr on Sunday, I will sign the cheque on Monday. But first, you must deliver me my candidate ah." - Najib Razak

Now let me highlight a few issues here.

First of all, as our "dear" Prime Minister, isn't it his duty to ensure the welfare of the entire country instead of just pouring out the money on the Peninsular states only?

Secondly, as a member of the government body, is it not his duty to act against bribery? Why is he doing it himself? Is it because he is becoming desperate and perhaps, power hungry?

Thirdly, judging by his English, I doubt that Malaysia will be going anywhere if our leaders cannot speak English properly. All I have seen from him so far was Engrish and nothing else.

Last of all, there has been proof stating that the Sarawak United People's Party(under UMNO) has been cheating their way through with their "post-voting". It is no wonder the UMNO was able to hold Malaysia for such a long period of time. Not only will this piece of news reduce the amount of votes the parties under Najib will receive, this will also be detrimental for the party's image, not to mention the country's too.

Friday, July 9, 2010

SHOUTCast Update!

After a looooooong while, my SHOUTCast has been inactive, thanks to the fact that there was a fault in the configuration. With the assistance of Rhys 'Catalyst' Edwards of Australia, we have brought the SHOUTCast back online!

Please refer to my Facebook page to receive updates on the SHOUTCast's IP address because someone might switch off or restart the router for some reason. So basically, if the IP changes, you'll be able to receive it on my Facebook page.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fan Mail: Hypocrisy At It's Best?

So let me highlight a few lulz in that QQing.

"no more pick flaws thx"
"kip pick flaws to mii"
"and got 1 BASTARD add my FB"
"don force mii to do anythig that damage ur pc"

Hypocrisy at it's best. Also, notice that she threatened to DOS my system. What a fucking faggot.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I pity most Asians

Life is sad in Asia, isn't it?

I pity most of you, for I have received the power of creativity while you have not.

Most kids in here are denied their human rights. They're not allowed to express their opinion when they are not happy about something. Any attempt to discuss a particular problem with the parents would usually be evaded by the PARENTS.

Eventually, they learn to shut up and forget about using their brains. Eventually, the consequences will follow as they do not know how to solve problems at all. I remember this incident as if it were yesterday. Nobody likes to be caned so our Economics teacher was asking for an alternative from us but all she received was useless crap. They asked her to not give us any homework at all. What kind of bullshit is that eh? I was the only one who came up with the suggestion to force those who did not complete their work to stay back.

Most of the blame has to go to the education system but some of it has to go to the parents too. They usually forbid their kids to watch the news and yes, I'm saying that they are basically training them to ignore the world that is outside their little country. This is exactly why most Asians often get laughed at because they rush into a discussion without even understanding what they are talking about. 1Malaysia a good thing? Sucking cocks can make girls pregnant? Telekom is a good Internet Service Provider? Yawwwnnnnnnn......

How is it their fault? And why? Let's find out the problems.


Teen dating isn't good. Computer games are bad for you. Najib is a good person. HOW ABOUT A NICE CUP OF "SHUT THE FUCK UP"?

As I have explained in one of my older posts, teen dating isn't bad at all. You just have to know where to draw the line. Computer games aren't necessarily bad. You just have to know that whatever happens in the virtual world isn't necessarily the same in real life. Najib is a good person? Explain why he had to bribe Sibu MYR5,000,000 then.

The education system is to blame too for giving out sex education when it is already too late. At the age of 12, most kids would already have watched a certain amount of pornography already. If anything, sex education should start at 6 years old, not 15. This ensures that the younger generation has a better understanding of the word sex. No, people. It is not a fucking bad thing. It is the way mankind has portrayed it, ruining it's image. Without sex, you wouldn't be reading this. Without sex, this article would never be published at all. Without sex, the Internet wouldn't have existed at all.

In compositions and projects, any amount of creativity would be hashed out immediately. Just look at the un-unique compositions produced by most students. There's nothing special in them! It's always the same shit in a different toilet. This is because most Asians have been taught to copy everything and to follow instructions without question and what do we end up with? University graduates who only want to make ends meet? An uncreative Asian society? The rules of our projects are so fucking strict, I'd be laughing my ass off if you can call that creativity. I don't know if this applies to Japan, South Korea, Brunei and Singapore but it definitely applies to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.


Some of the blame has to go to the parents for not educating their kids properly too. This isn't good for you. That isn't good for you. This isn't the kind of stuff you should be watching. You shouldn't be playing that game. Why? Just shut up and do as I tell you. Monarchy much, mommy?

Parents have to play their part in educating their kids properly too. You can't just rely on the government to educate the younger generation properly. As far as I can see, most parents forbid their children to watch the news until they are 12 or 13 because it sounds unpleasant. Unpleasant it may be, they still need to know what is going on outside their little world. If the parents continue this kind of attitude, approximately 70% of the younger generation will remain ignorant towards everything that happens outside their country for the next 30 years.

It also the responsibility of every single parent in the world to provide the younger generation a sufficient amount of sex education. Otherwise, they'll end up watching pornography for the rest of their lives while getting the wrong impression of the word, sex. And again people, sex isn't a bad thing so if you're going to cry about it, then please do us both a favor and CLOSE THIS WINDOW NOW unless you're going to come up with a valid argument.

If that wasn't enough, it is wrong to prove your parents wrong in Asia. A successful attempt in doing so will only result in getting yourself a slap in the face or being told to shut up. Don't you think our parents are being hypocrites? Apparently it is wrong for us to criticize them and yet there is nothing wrong with them criticizing us. Are they fucking butthurt or what? I thought they were supposed to raise us and train us democratically, not teach us how to be Monarchists.

Rant adjourned.
HMS Repulse

P.S.: The Government is currently the most hypocritical organization in the country. They are forcing the teachers to lie to the younger generation about 1Malaysia and Najib's good will and yet they teach us not to lie and to be honest towards other people?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Nerds & Computers: Anti-Aliasing Explained

A lot of people in here don't know what it really does so I'm going to give out a brief explanation here.

To put it bluntly, anti-aliasing is a method used to fool the eye to think that a jagged end is really smooth. The intention of Anti-Aliasing is to make today's games look more realistic. Remember though that Anti-Aliasing does not smooth any edges of images as it merely fools the eye. If you can't tell the difference, then let's compare 2 screenshots taken from Need For Speed: Prostreet with FRAPS.

NOTE: Because of Blogger's size limit, I am forced to use thumbnails. Please click the thumbnails to view the full size of the image.

Photobucket Photobucket

If you look at the images closely, you'll notice that the vehicle WITHOUT Anti-Aliasing has some jagged ends. This is caused by the limitations of a computer screen. It doesn't matter if you're on an LCD screen or a CRT. While your computer can draw straight horizontal and vertical lines, it cannot draw diagonal lines straightly.

Hope this helps,

EDIT: Apparently I posted 2 similar images. ****!