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Friday, December 28, 2012

False Malaysian Nationalism

Patriotism huh? There's plenty of talk about that these days. What with the general election coming, the recent rallies in West/Peninsular Malaysia and our 'dear' Prime Minister introducing more BR1M handouts. Schoolteachers preach to their students, especially those who are teaching P. Moral for 5 days straight in a typical week and it is not strange to find the average Malaysian student blabbing about 1Malaysia and how Najib has been 'a good man' to us. However, all of this is just talk.

It is sad but the definition of nationalism in Malaysia has clearly been twisted to the point where it cannot really be called nationalism at all. You see, in Malaysia, being a 'patriot' according to the eyes of the majority of society is to have blind obedience and loyalty to the government. Acts like criticizing Najib's Budget 2013 policy or the Sultan are considered as seditious(hasutan) acts. While everyone knows the fact that PROTON produces mediocre versions of Mitsubishis(Satria Neo and Arena excepted), most of these so-called patriots would still parrot about how 'good' they are just because they're made in Malaysia. If one were to criticize the way PROTON and Perodua implements plagiarism into their marketing strategies and their lack of quality, he would be marked as an immoral, unpatriotic person. In some cases, if a Malaysian were to buy a Japanese or European import, he would also be labelled as 'unpatriotic'. If things were to become any worse, attending rallies like BERSIH and Himpunan Hijau are also considered as seditious acts. Even supporting government policies and loving the Prime Minister is associated with nationalism. Seriously, the list is just filled with these ridiculous things.

Now, with all of this talk about blind obedience and loyalty to the government, you would expect Malaysians to be willing to contribute to society in any way they can but the reality is that they're not. On September, a private high school in Tawau organised a 'gotong-royong' event throughout the entire Fajar district which involved the entire school. A few days later, a survey was conducted among the F4 and F5 students who were asked if any of them would wake up early on a Saturday morning to do this kind of activity voluntarily. Out of approximately 50 students, only 2 raised their hands. The Chinese are also known to complain about the present regime and it's policies a lot but most of them don't even vote at all. While it is true that there are plenty of Chinese who are voting for PR and BN parties, the fact remains that these people are the minority.
Then, you have the people who simply do not care at all. These people are no different than the rural Malays who are easily contented with whatever they have. All they care about is being able to afford 3 meals, marry, have sex, get some kids, attend funerals, weddings, parties, maybe a car, maybe a television, that's it. The only difference is that they care more for luxuries. Other than that, they really could care less about everything around them despite the fact that they like to gossip about their neighbours and colleagues and to top it off, there's a lot of talk about 1Malaysia and yet nobody is actually striving towards it. The Chinese continue to remain snobbish, rude and exploitive especially when it comes to financial matters. The Malays on the other hand, continue to remain ignorant and even mix 'protecting Malay rights' with patriotism.

Sad to say, common nationalism in Malaysia has clearly transformed into something that cannot be defined as 'loving one's own country' anymore. The Malaysian people are living in denial, a false hope for better changes while sticking to the status quo. No matter how many statistics you show these people, they will remain stubborn on their views and will even go as far as to call real nationalists 'proud, arrogant people which the nation does not need' when they themselves contribute very little(if any at all) to the nation's infrastructure. The mainstream media and education system has certainly succeeded in brainwashing them to such an extent where common nationalism has actually turned into blind obedience and submission to the powers-that-be. In fact, through the manipulation of these two aspects of our daily life, the BN regime has successfully maintained the feudalist mindset of the typical Malaysian and this can be seen clearly in the lack of private education institutions throughout the entire country along with the fact that the majority of the population, regardless of race, depends on the government to such an extent that the entire country is at the government body's mercy and usually, nobody questions what they do at all. We shall now analyze these 2 aspects and later, analyze how these 2 work in tandem in the process of brainwashing generations of Malaysians.

According to the Malaysian History textbooks, May 13 is supposedly a racial riot where the Chinese and Malays ran amok as a result of slanders from DAP, PAS and PAP. However, the released official documents and Mahathir's The Malay Dilemma along with the testimonies from witnesses that are still alive suggests that the Malays were the ones running amok. True, DAP and PAP did try to denounce the Malays' special position in Malaysia itself under the 'Malaysian Malaysia' slogan. However, the Alliance's role of instigating the racial riot(Let's instill more hate against the non-Malays among the Malays!) was not mentioned at all. Fast forward to the Malaysia we know today and you will see the May 13 card being played by the BN(previously Alliance) regime in order to perpetrate more fear and hatred among the rural Malays against the opposition parties and it doesn't stop there. Because of historical events that have affected the Malay race, the BN regime can also be seen using words like communist, ungrateful Malays, uncivilized, irrational, selfish and even dogs when describing the opposition parties especially when it comes to racial issues and people actually believe in that crap because the mainstream media apparently 'reports the facts', or so they say. Well, they certainly do report the facts but at the same time, most of the reports are biased and some are even filled with pure BS and the recent 'Opposition victory will result in another May 13' statements are good examples of that. In fact, a lot of people(Chinese included) will happily blab about how Communism is bad and why Malaysia should never become a Republic without understanding the differences between Communism, Socialism and Capitalism or the concepts of Confederacies and Republics. Why? Because the newspapers and textbooks 'provides us facts'. Or so they think...

Obeying the law has also recently come to my attention as a form of so-called patriotism. A friend of mine who studies in a government told me that his teacher was preaching to his class about how 'uncivilized' and 'unpatriotic' the BERSIH 3.0 participants were and how they should have obeyed the law and not question SPRM's integrity and legitimacy at all. Why? Because they are the government and they are apparently 'the ones we owe our nation's fruits to'. Joy of joys. Oppression is even implemented in schools? I'm not too surprised to be honest, especially when most schools make it clear in their rulebooks that no student is allowed to be part of any organization or student body without the special permission of MOOhideen himself, let alone voice out his opinion and any student who is caught doing so will be expelled without question and even the law(refer to Education Instituions(Discipline) Act) sanctions this oppressive act. This act is also encouraged in P. Moral under the Democratic Moral Values section. According to Kebebasan Bersuara(Freedom of Speech), an individual has every right to voice out his opinion as long as it is in accordance to the norms of the Malaysian society, Malaysian law and the Constitution. Just how much more autocratic can you get?

With all of this BS, you'd think that no one is stupid enough to buy the crap the government feeds them but the fact is, a lot of people still do. Voters or not, you still have a whole bunch of people who actually believe that the BN regime is doing the right thing, that Najib cares about the 'rakyat' and even idiots who would parrot about 1Malaysia and Wawasan 2020 when they know absolutely NOTHING about the details at all. And I'm not just referring to the 'longhouse folk' in Sarawak and the rural Malays. I'm referring to the Chinese, the Indians and the urban natives of Borneo too. Sad to say, the Alliance party has succeeded in brainwashing the Malaysian people to become narrow-minded through the education system and the laws that discourage private entrepreneurship and education. We might claim that our education system is one of the most advanced in South East Asia but the results shown by the average Malaysian suggests otherwise. In fact, the average Malaysian student in primary education will most likely have gone to tuition before simply because the official education system is mediocre. To make things worse, most of the tuition centers in Malaysia constitute an entirely different education system to the point where it clearly shows that the Malaysian education system is in shambles! In fact, in 2011, a study conducted by The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement shows that Malaysia's Form 2 students' performance in Science and Mathematics is beyond average. A shocking turnout when Malaysia had a track record of academic success and even got themselves in the the top 10 list(Mathematics) in 2003. The following is a table of Malaysian results in TIMSS 1999-2011. Note that the 1995 results were not included as Malaysia did not participate in the survey back then.

With the huge gap between the results in 2003 and 2007, you'd think that people would realise the truth by now but noooooooo. You still have idiots who have the balls to claim that Malaysia's education standards are increasing because the percentage of passes in SPM and PMR are increasing. Oh, and not too long ago, MOOhideen even boasted that Malaysia had one of the best education systems in the world. Sorry, Mr. DPM. That statement has been nullified by the results and the fact that most young Malaysians are uncivilized as hell and know nothing at all. Just look at the amount of kids trashtalking while playing DotA and even some of the adults who lived through the MCE-era(Which was mind you, of ridiculously higher standard) days are guilty of uncivilized arguing too! Our schools have clearly failed to train the Malaysian youths properly!

So, patriotism? Nationalism? I think that is non-existent in Malaysia to be very honest. In fact, unless by some miracle, the Malaysian people can wake up in time, this will remain so in the years to come whether PR wins the upcoming general election or not. The desire to question our leaders for the sake of the nation and it's people, let alone one's own self simply isn't there. What the commoners would call nationalism cannot be defined as true nationalism at all. Rather, it is better to call it false nationalism.

Monday, December 17, 2012


I feel that the world is so against me now to the point where my life is nothing more than a huge fucking empty hole now.

No, it is not because of the 2012 clusterfuck that has been roaming all over the tubes. Heck, its not even related to that BS at all.

Its just that things have been pretty messed up ever since SPM ended for me.
I can't get a job because all of the part time jobs that can compensate enough for transportation fees and have acceptable shifts have all been taken. Full time jobs require SPM results summore which is something I lack for the time being.

I can't start an SME because oh this is Sabah and SO MANY STUPID CHECKS AND LOL YOU NEED A CERTIFICATE JUST TO DO PASAR MALAM STALLS? Oh, and those are pretty much impossible to obtain as I don't know anyone here. I want to go back to Sibu but the crime rate is so damn high, I might as well jump into Rejang River and drown myself in there.

And then, you have the fact that I simply cannot blend into any community at all just because I try too hard to do them a few favours and get backstabbed in return. I'm not going to mention any names but we just don't see eye to eye.

Oh, at this point you might say 'Just go study la'. OK lo. You find me the money to get into Pre-U then I go study lo. Seriously, I'd even go for UiTM(If they even accept me) at this rate. Ironic, isn't it? Family divorce ady so we pretty much don't have savings. Speaking of family matters, I still have to be able to entertain my father just to make him continue cooperating in providing financial support and in the future, get hold of his share of the family's inheritance. Otherwise, the entire Tiong family could try to come down on me and take away the property. Then there goes all the hope of ever starting an SME.


Sooo yeah. No more writing for the time being. At least I still have WMMT3DX+, Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners to cheer myself up. Don't worry, I will still make sure one of my parents represent me in GE13 as I previously promised in's forums.

But then, all of this is probably just messed up nonsense to the readers other than the one who wrote this QQ post anyway.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Even more inactivity

So, do I have a good explanation this time? The answer is yes and this is exactly why I haven't been active in writing for this blog this year.

For the time being, Guy with a Pen will not receive any attention until December arrives.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Religion: Oppressing and Brainwashing the Young



Everytime I come across a Christian or a Muslim, chances are I'd have to listen to them blab about how God is the 'Almighty Creator' of the Earth and it's inhabitants, how he loves us and how I should believe and worship him. That is of course, if we assume that God is a male. However, what these 'gospel preachers' and  'slaves of Allah' don't tell you is that the reality of the religions they preach is the exact opposite of what they say it is.

In reality, the nature of religion is oppressive and serves as an idol to bolster the influence and power of the ruling class, especially those who claim to be acting in God's name. These people would tell you that even if they're wrong, they still have to be accountable for their actions and answer to God in the afterlife. Meanwhile in Exodus of the Old Testament, Jehovah encourages Moses' followers to submit to the will of their kings without question because they act in his grace. Some might say I'm taking this out of context but let's face it, the phrase itself is explicit enough and there is no textual evidence to suggest that I am taking it out of the context.

Religion also serves as a tool of war. In fact, religion has been the cause of a ridiculously long series of wars all over the world. The failed British conquest in France(refer to Joan of Arc), The Holy Crusades, the French Revolution, the rise and fall of the Holy Roman Empire, the first and second Hundred Years of War, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, War on Terror, the list goes on and on. In fact, these wars are only the notable major wars caused by religion. If one were to run down the entire list, his/her head would be spinning right round like a record before he can even finish the first half of the list. We all know that the U.S. went to war with Iraq not because of Saddam Hussein, but because of the sheer amount of oil available there. We also know that 9/11 was staged by Bush and his fancy little relatives and all of these American bureaucrats along with their churches claim to be acting in the name of God.

"Religion also serves as a tool of war"

Speaking of religious bureaucrats, it is apparent that despite the dark, bloody history of Christ, the Church(and religion in general) still has a strong influence in the world. In America, the White House is filled with Republicans and Democrats who go to church every Sunday to compare clothing. In fact, if we were to estimate the amount of White House bureaucrats based on a Christian:Non-Christian ratio, we can safely say that over 90% of them are Christians affiliated to a certain church. This means over 90% of the White House politicians are being controlled by the Church. Despite the increasing amount of American atheists, it is clear that America is still under an ancient government system that resembles the Holy Roman Empire.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, the majority of the Parliament consists of Malay Muslims. As 80% of the country's population is Malay, the Constitution states that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. On paper, all Malays are Muslims and they are not allowed to defect at all. This can be traced back to the Malaccan Sultanate when Parameswara ran off to Malacca. With the formation of the Malaccan Sultanate, Islam became the official religion of the Straits of Malacca as Parameswara was a Muslim himself. In those days, parents would force their religion down the throats of their offspring. Fast forward to the present and you can see that most of the Malays have retained their traditional mindset as a result of the secular system implemented by the British imperialists. Because of this, Islam is constantly used by Malaysian politicians from both the ruling party and the opposition to manipulate the minds of the Malays and non-Malay Muslims. Even the Prime Minister himself once said that he would have to answer to Allah in the afterlife when he was involved in a public bribe 2 years ago. The Islamic religion was also used to discourage Malaysian Muslims from joining anti-government rallies like the anti-Internal Security Act rally, the anti-Peaceful Assembly Bill rally and BERSIHs 1, 2 and 3.0. All of these rallies had nothing to do with religion in the first place until the BN regime's leaders played the religion card, claiming that Allah forbade public rallies, disloyalty towards national leaders and revolutions. They even proceeded to portray most of these rallies as 'uncivilized, anti-Islam' rallies.

"The Islamic religion was also used to discourage Malaysian Muslims from joining anti-government rallies"

In the education sector, religion has also been used to brainwash the next generation. In Australia, there are missionary schools that do not teach kids subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry and so on. Instead, they teach them how to have faith in Jehovah and how everyone who isn't a Christian is evil. Meanwhile in Malaysia, we are taught that we need to believe in God as it is the 'right way of life'. In fact, some teachers will actually gladly tell you that anyone who does not believe in any God at all is immoral. Religion has also been used as a form of moral idol in here. Ironically, the Malaysian government tells us to tolerate and accept the beliefs of other people when that is impossible, especially when it comes to Christians and Muslims.

Christ and Islam will forever have conflicts with each other along with the other existing religions. Both encourage secularism, both encourage jihadism, both endorse in oppression, both demand the concerned worshipper to have no other God in mind and both demand their followers to kill everyone who does not agree with their religious views. This is something I have addressed in detail in the article 'Religion is Bullshit' which was first published early this year and submitted to on September.

Religion has also been used by pastors, teachers, preachers and parents from all over the world to preach their own bullshit ideas. From open relationships being forbidden to certain movies being 'anti-religion'. Even the simple act of playing has been manipulated by religion. Divorces are forbidden, masturbating is forbidden,  sex is an unholy act, playing video games(Especially RPG games that contain their own religion) corrupts the soul, jealousy is a sin, disloyalty is a sin, questioning your teachers is a sin, questioning your employer no matter how much of a jackass he is is a sin, the list goes on and on. And if you do any of these things, you get sent to hell to burn for eternity. Seriously, I am sick and tired of this 'worship or burn in hell' bullshit teaching. Ironically, most of these religious people don't even practice what they preach.
"Religion has also been used by pastors, teachers, preachers and parents from all over the world to preach their own bullshit ideas. No Apologies uses religion to BS about relationships"

Some might try to deny the facts but the facts will remain as the truth for eternity. Some might say that religion brings peace when it does the exact opposite and this can be seen in Christ as Christians from all churches quarrel among themselves about who's interpretation of the Bible is right. In other words, religion is a parasite that feeds on the ignorance and stupidity of mankind and maybe, just maybe, their fear of reality. It is only powerful because we made it so. Ironically, most Christians would claim that humans are the most intelligent of all living things on Earth.

NOTE: An exact copy of this article was submitted to This note serves to prove that I am the one who submitted it and the original writer. Therefore, reserves the right to use this article(modified or not modified) on their site.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guy with a Pen receives a feature on another site

Not too long ago, I edited the 'Religion is Bullshit' article I wrote early this year and sent it to an atheist site known as Ex-Christian. And as of September 14th, 2012....

Guy with a Pen is officially featured in another site.

And.... I've made it to the front page!

Oh, and Guy with a Pen is still looking for BI > BM translators. If you're interested, please PM me on Youtube or contact me on G+ to discuss payment terms. YES, TRANSLATORS WILL BE PAID FOR THEIR WORK.

NOTE: This post is to certify that any future posts coming from Guy with a Pen published on do not violate any copyright laws such as the Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Act, DMCA, bla bla bla, bla bla bla, bla bla bla.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


OK, so I've been very inactive recently due to SPM trials along with a lot of other bullshit to attend to in real life so I haven't been writing anything on the paper, let alone typing it out on the computer.

So this month, I might still be inactive but my pen is already starting to release ink on the paper again and I expect the article to be completed within the next 2 weeks. But before that, I still have to attend to an article that is to be written to Borneo Post.

In the meantime, the name of this blog has been changed again from 'DEMOCRAZY' to 'Guy with a Pen' along with a disclaimer being added to the bottom of the page. More inactivity can be expected as I am looking for a BM > BI translator and someone who knows how to use Photoshop/GIMP. If anyone is interested, do send an E-Mail to or PM me on Youtube.

P.S.: Osu! and Demonstar are surprisingly fun when you have no internet; Christians are not.

UPDATE 12/09/2012: Press article finished, now attending to the upcoming article for Guy with a Pen.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Malaysian Media: Oppression and Propaganda

Here we go again. The BERSIH 3.0 shitstorm has settled down. However, the mainstream media continues to spread the Barisan Nasional regime's propaganda all over the place, accusing opposition leaders and NGOs of tons of BS. Judging by the data collected from the mainstream media over the past month, we can certainly see that the mainstream media is biased. Naturally, those who are new to this game called 'Politics' will question how it is so and even disagree with me but Malaysians have the right to know the truth about our mainstream media. I myself am boycotting the mainstream media. I do not watch TV, I don't buy newspapers and magazines, I don't tune into Malaysian radio stations and I literally point middle fingers at the BN's propaganda. So, how is the mainstream media biased?

Lets have a look at the New Straits Times. Now, before you start calling me a hypocrite, I did not buy the newspaper itself. Just because I boycott the mainstream the media does not necessarily mean that my school does. However, if you were reading any of the Malaysian newspapers actively in the last two months, you should have noticed that the BN regime has been making a lot of false statements about the BERSIH 3.0 rally. Accusations ranging from plots to overthrow a 'democratically elected' regime to communist agendas were spewed all over the headlines. Even as the dust of the rally settled down, accusations continued to flow from the New Straits Times and Berita Terkini. While it is true that the attendants of the rally turned violent, the newspapers failed to mention the fact that it was the police force who caused trouble first by hurling tear gas and assault rally attendants for no apparent reason at all. If you lurk around Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, you will find plenty of evidence. The newspapers failed to mention that and RTM even took the initiative to twist the facts in a 'documentary' titled 'BERSIH 3.0 Yang Kotor'.
"So, how is the mainstream media biased?"

And look! All of a sudden, Mahathir returns to the political scene right before GE-13 when he should be enjoying his retirement. All of a sudden, he's blabbing about how the BN's leaders are the nation's heroes and how the opposition. Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to run pro-BN headlines along with the usual anti-opposition crap. Let us use these headlines and articles as examples.

New Straits Times: Don't resort to zero-sum mentality, youth told

If we read this article properly, we are told to stay silent, we are told that the BR1M scheme is actually helpful when the money for BR1M is actually being transferred to the already sky-rocketing national debts and we are told that the government's policies have something for everyone when that is clearly bullshit and that can be seen in Borneo.

The Star: Govt is realistic, says Najib
Note that they make no mention of the poor living standards, the mindset of the Malaysian people and the fact that the proposed economic reforms are actually VERY unrealistic. National debt is at all-time high and Malaysia runs the risk of becoming bankrupt by 2020 and yet Najib still dares to promise us higher GDPs?

Dewan Masyarakat: PRU ke-13: Perlukah Pemerhati Asing?
If you understand BM, you'll understand that this article is clearly aimed at defaming anti-government protestors who supported rallies like BERSIH 3.0, Himpunan Hijau and anti-Peaceful Assembly Bill Act. It also aims to attack the opposition parties even further and that is quite clear especially when you see the words 'Tun Dr. Mahathir'. The article also contradicts itself as Malaysia has been involved in foreign affairs before. The anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa, the peaceful movements in Congo, War on Terror, the boycotting of Jewish products and military involvement in the Somalian relief operations.

Dewan Masyarakat: "Provokasi" sebagai senjata politik
If we take a look at the first paragraph, the author is clearly hell-bent on defaming the DAP. It even proceeds to call them 'irresponsible writers who are trying to take away the rights of the Malays'.

As we can see, all 4 of these articles are hell-bent on spreading the Barisan regime's propaganda and defaming the opposition parties and demonstrators. However, note that the newspapers never said that Najib tried to bribe Sibu nor did they say anything about pro-BN demonstrators who never get into any trouble at all. Even TV3's Berita Terkini has been turned into the BN's political frontline already which is why most of the more educated Malaysians will spend more time reading online news outlets like The Malaysian Insider, MalaysiaKini and Free Malaysia Today instead of the mainstream outlets. That being said, Utusan Melayu, which is known to make a lot of defamatory statements and has broken almost every law imaginable for a printing press, remains alive today. The majority of the Malaysian population remain oblivious to the fact that the mass media is biased despite the fact that it is staring right in front of them. This is because whenever we look at the newspapers and broadcasted news on TV and radio, we expect it to be true. What do? Ini ialah akhbar rasmi ma. But of course, this inevitably leads to the manipulation of facts and propaganda starts spreading through these channels.

To this day, Utushit remains untouched.

On the subject of oppression, anyone who opposes the neo-imperialist Barisan Nasional regime is automatically considered as a potential target for the government to exercise their abuse on. It does not necessarily have to be done in the 'underground' way. There are plenty of draconian laws which gives the Barisan Nasional regime plenty of room to exercise their oppression legally. To name a few, we can look at some of the most ridiculous laws in Malaysia which includes:

The Police Act
The Peaceful Assembly Act
The Priting Presses & Publications Act
The Sedition Act
The Official Secrets Act
The Evidence Act
The Communications & Multimedia Act and Rais' future amendments to it
The Education Institutions(Discipline) Act

Sounds like a mouthful, right? In reality, each and every one of these draconian laws are related to the people as it applies to every single jackass in the nation. Of course, BN cronies are excluded from these laws but what did you expect? Cookies? This is Malaysia after all.

So let's have a look at Section 10 of the Education Institutions(Discipline) Act.

(3) No person, while he is a student of an Institution, shall
express or do anything which may be construed as expressing
support, sympathy or opposition to any political party or trade
union or as expressing support or sympathy with any unlawful
organization, body or group of persons.
(4) No organization, body or group of students of an Institution
which is established by, under or in accordance with this Act, or
any other organization, body or group of students of an Institution,
shall express or do anything which may be construed as expressing
support, sympathy or opposition to any political party or trade
union or as expressing support or sympathy with any unlawful
organization, body or group of persons.

Note that it clearly states that any individual who is still studying, be it in primary or tertiary education sectors, is not allowed to express his opinion on political issues at all. No, not even the foreign ones. Yes, I can understand 10-2 where it states that no student is allowed to be part of any political, trade union, organization or society but seriously? You're not even allowed to express your opinion on political issues at all as a student? Freedom of speech my ass. In fact, this means that you don't have the right to voice out your opinion at all as most issues will inevitably lead to the government and politics. It doesn't matter if its just an environmental issue, an educational issue, an economic issue, a cultural issue, the list goes on and on. Heck, in Malaysia, even an issue about poverty can be related to politics. To make things worse, section 11 of the same act forbids charity work. Meanwhile in the Communications & Multimedia Act, section 233 prohibits indecent speech. What indecent speech is according to the Malaysian law definition is currently unknown. This means that any idiot can pull off a stunt by calling criticising the country and the BN regime indecent speech. The Sedition and Official Secrets acts allow the government to arrest anyone who is deemed to be 'unpatriotic' and goes against the BN regime's interests.

It gets better from here. As the 13th general elections approach us, an increasing amount of draconian laws are being implemented by the Barisan Nasional regime in order to oppress the opposing rakyat. The Internal Security Act has been merged into the Police Act and modified into something worse. The Peaceful Assembly Act allows the corrupt BN regime's leaders to dictate whether a rally is peaceful or not and recently, Rais has been trying to implement censorship into the Communications & Multimedia Act. Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that MOO MOO told schoolteachers that action will be taken on those who voiced out their opinion on political subjects and told them to shut up and just teach whatever they are told to teach?

"Malaysia has it's own Homeland Security too. How...... cute."

All of these laws encourage dictatorship and oppression. In addition, Malaysia is an Islamic country on paper which means that any idiot from the neo-imeprialist BN regime can claim that they are 'accountable for their own actions' and will have to 'answer to Allah when the time comes'. While most of the educated Malaysians will not buy this kind of bullshit, the old-fashioned, brainwashed uncles and aunties along with the kampung folk will certainly buy it. People, we must fight for our rights and demand it to be returned to us if we want to retain it. We can't simply sit behind a television screen and watch it all happen. No pain, no gain. You want it, work for it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


As I stated on my previous post, I have been working on something known as 'The Malaysian Crisis'. What it was is actually a revised version of Mahathir's 'The Malay Dilemma' because let's face it, some of the information in that book is outdated and in the light of recent events, someone has to revise his work again. However, I may have aimed a bit too high as things aren't looking well for the project itself. I'm not calling off the project.... yet. But there is a chance of that happening due to poor planning and lack of time.

In the event that project 'Malaysian Crisis' is cancelled, I will move on to write another piece of work. What it is, I cannot tell.... yet. But it will certainly be related to my own personal experience.

So, some of the readers might have already noticed the sudden change in this blog's title. Simply put, its another spoof on the 東方Project series where a certain tengu(天狗) known as 'Aya Shameimaru' writes freely.

Meanwhile in the Photoshop corner....

Those who pay attention to American politics(Especially in 2008-2009) will understand this. Those who don't; go look up Barack Obama. The base picture is taken from episode 21 of the manga series そらのおとしもの.

Last month, the Malaysian student body's most popular magazine, Dewan Siswa, was filled with a ridiculous amount of propaganda from the Barisan regime. This got me so pissed off as I am forced to read it every single morning at school(Fridays and weekends excepted) to the point where I took the time to give them a little bit of my gratitude towards the editors. Even the cover was filled with pro-BN propaganda for crying out loud. Dewan Siswa is supposed to be a student's magazine, not a political frontline for the Barisan regime.

And yet another political spoof with 東方Project. When a news report is as misleading as a report from Aya Shameimaru, you know it falls under the level of Cirno.
And when it comes to encouraging stupidity on TV, you know it falls under Cirno's level.... again.

The Borneo Post has been transformed into Shameimaru's online news outlet? And yes, this is the very banner I put on the header.

So.... I heard this year's SPM is going to be held on the 5th of November. Yeah, I know. What exactly is KPM thinking by setting the date on the same day Guy Fawkes tried to restore Catholic rule to Britain?

This was something I did right after my muscles recovered from a hundred push-ups I did on Friday. In here, we have Konpaku Youmu slashing the BN's dacing icon into half with one of her katanas.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

And again, more photoshopping

So, more inactivity since things are getting messier everyday and I simply don't have enough time to write short articles on current issues anymore. These days I only have enough time for a game of Touhou or two and a few minutes of Photoshopping.

This was in response to BERSIH 3.0. However, as I was late to the party, this is still a WIP :(

And again, more Touhou references since Big Apple seriously sounds a lot like Bad Apple!!


 Got bored on a Saturday night and I happened to be playing Colin McRae Rally 05 when I found myself using the Volkswagen R32 and remembered the 'Das Auto' slogan. So, to 'honour' our 'dear' country's car producer, Proton, a spoof had to be made.

Self-explanatory. Nothing else needs to be said other than the fact that the original picture is from one of IOSYS' .swf animations.

The concept of this one actually came from a very interesting video that was posted on Youtube a year ago which encouraged people to vote. As it so happens, I was replaying that video for no reason whatsoever and in the next 5 minutes, I found myself doing this.

And here we have the English version.

Yes, I had to resort to flipping the entire logo upside down again to get the text right.

Meanwhile in the editing room, I have been busy with a project known as 'The Malaysian Dilemma'. No, I'm not about to tell anyone what it is...... yet.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Photoshop

Nothing much to see here and more inactivity can be expected. The only thing I've been doing these days is Photoshop.

So, what have I done so far?Another Touhou Project spoof that is completely unrelated to what I usually write. This time with every Touhou fan's most beloved moron, Cirno :3

Oh look! It's the JP version of the political 'Kimoi Girls' spoof I created a few months ago!Self explanatory tbh

All of these pictures are my own property. If I see anyone stealing them and claiming it as 'their own work', I will make sure your E-Life becomes so miserable, you'd be crying to mommy and daddy to sue me.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colin McRae Rally 2005 Malaysian Style

As some of my readers will know, recently I have been reskinning some cars in Colin McRae Rally 2005 to spread anti-government sentiments. No, I did not steal the skins from another site. This is completely my own work with the exception of the 'Stop LYNAS' logo on the Escort Mk. 1 which was ripped out of Google.

Ford Escort Mk. 1 LYNAS skin

Mitsubishi LanEVO anti-BN regime skin

Please note that the skin shown in the video was an incomplete version of the skin. However, the only change in the final product is that the rear end of the car which shows a modified version of the blue part of the Malaysian flag has been painted completely in blue instead of red.

After lots of testing and failures, only a few minor changes in positioning could be kept in the final products due to the fact that I fail at Photoshop :(

To install, simply copy these files into the cars' respective folders. Of course, you will need CMR05 in order to enjoy these skins.

Friday, March 9, 2012

They Choose Not To Care

It really is sad when we look at the attitude of the average Malaysian today. On one hand, you have the adults who do paperwork behind a desk all day long, checking accounts, teaching the same shit at schools while forcing their pupils to copy and paste every god damn thing(Like the SPM forces you to. Yes, they teach you how to fail in Malaysian public schools), heaving the same crates every day and making the same decisions every day. They eat, they work, they sleep. They don't get involved in charity work, they don't contribute to society at all and they are not interested in the truth at all. On the other hand, you have the kids who go to school every day, learning how to blend into the copy and paste system, how the 'almighty' BN regime is just and great, writing in useless folios that have no room for creativity or expressions at all(Pretty much every 'coursework' in the SPM system ends up being the same shit in a different toilet), memorizing crap, understanding stuff in school without actually looking for the answers themselves and yes, they learn to BOW DOWN TO THE BN REGIME AND SHUT UP IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT. And if you thought it couldn't get worse, kids in here actually learn to fail at life at home too. They are just taught to shut up, mind their own business, study, get a good job, get a beautiful wife/husband, have sex, have kids and go to hell. They are not taught to contribute to society or achieve anything with their lives at all. Leave all the other crap that makes the world go round to the others even if they fuck around with you because according to their mindset, you can't do shit at all. In short, schoolchildren in here are actually trained to fail at life.
'schoolchildren in here are actually trained to fail at life'

In the Malaysia we know today, most people will cry about all sorts of bullshit and express sympathy for those 'tragic' events. OH HAI GUISE, mother nature accidentally Japan. Sri Lanka gets flooded. Thailand gets flooded with water. Michael Jackson accidentally himself. This guy got decapitated, that guy got owned by a virus, the list goes on and on. They will tell you all sorts of crap about it but when it comes to action, the silence begins. You see, most Malaysians are actually the 'talk cock all day long but no action' class. They just love to blab about disasters when it happens and jump into what I call the 'stereotype sympathy bandwagon'. To make things worse, some of these people will actually go to great lengths to criticize the BN regime but when it comes to taking action, these people won't even take the time to get out there and vote! Why? Because they think that whatever those assholes in the BN and PR do are not related to them at all and this is how Malaysia became the fucked up place it is today. Heck, some people are not even aware of the existence of the opposition!
'Some people are not even aware of the existence of the opposition'

Of course, some of you might be wondering how politics affects us, the people. Let's get straight to business then.

1. Economically

Politics affects the 'rakyat' economically as the economy is actually run by the government. Bad policies will lead to shitty economies which will in turn, increase the poverty rate and trigger inflation. When this happens, the Malaysian Ringgit becomes devalued and prices sky-rocket as if you were driving a V12. To give you a big idea of what bad policies are like, let's have a look at the Budget 2012 incentives.

While it is true that the RM500 and RM100-200 included in B2012 sounds good, the long term effects can be catastrophic. Because governments need money to run, they will soon be lacking in funds which will force them to transfer the losses to the people. We can certainly expect inflation and the possibility of a tax rate increase as a result of these so-called 'incentives' which are clearly given out to bribe the people because we all know that PRU13 is coming soon.

2. Socially

While this is just a minor factor, whatever the government does will also affect the people socially as they are the ones who control the mainstream media. Because of the brainwashing they have been forcing on us, we are expected(and most of us do) to believe everything the news reports. Because of the government's policies in the academic field, we are trained to turn a blind eye to everything while shutting up about things we don't like. In most schools, teachers will force everyone to memorize all sorts of useless crap which in turn, results in students who expect the teacher to know everything. Because of this, most of us tend to ask stupid questions instead of looking for the answer ourselves. Oh, and we are also trained to shut up about what the imperialists at the BN do to the East.

The list is actually longer than these two points but that would take too long to elaborate.

The problem is, most of us have adopted this thing called the 'Cari Makan' attitude. Basically, we just eat, work, play and sleep. We go through our lives everyday, doing the same shit for the next 40+ years in our careers. We don't give a shit about NGOs, we don't give a fuck about what the BN regime is doing, nothing. Basically, most Malaysians are living as machines. They are not interested in what is going on around them. They are not interested in looking for the answers themselves nor do they care about protecting their own rights. Because of this, the BN regime has been able to fuck around and manipulate the polls to the point where they have ruled Malaysia for 54 consecutive years and nobody gives a shit even if the system and the government turns out to be oppressive.

'The BN has been ruling Malaysia for the past 54 years'

And they don't just turn a blind eye towards the events happening around them. They disrespect those who fight for them too! While NGOs and civilians were rallying in BERSIH 2.0, those who were sitting comfortably in their homes were mocking them for 'waging a pointless war'. While Malaysians participated in a mass DDOS attack carried out by Anonymous last year, Malaysians laughed at them and mocked them on While you are busy fighting for the people's rights, they are busy mocking you and talking behind your back. That is how fucked up Malaysia is. In fact, it is because of people like them, we are still able to enjoy an alternative form of democracy in here today. Nobody cares if the economy is crashing down. Nobody cares if the imperialists are 'songlap-ing' our money. Nobody cares if the government is lying to us. All they care about is their own self-satisfaction.

If all that wasn't enough, some people would even go '1Malaysia' up your face all day when they don't even know anything about their own country. They don't know who Tunku Abdul Rahman is, they don't know what the Malayan Union is, they don't know why Singapore and Sarawak signed up for the club in the first place, they don't know how their own race got into this place a few hundred years ago. In fact, some of these people don't even know who Najib is! Or if you must, some people don't even know where West Malaysia is! In fact, there are some people who would believe you if you told them that West Malaysia is above the People's Republic of China. No bullshit here, people. I have actually met people like that before. Now, how the fuck are you supposed to love your own country when you don't even know it?

Not only has the doctor become the disease, the people have also become the bad apples, allowing the doctor to infect as much as he wants. This is Malaysia today. A failed nation. A failed 'rakyat'. A failed unity. A failed effort.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Photoshopping

It has been awhile since I made a Photoshop post so let's have a look at what I have done with it so far.
As usual, the Education department gets bashed up by me. However, this time, I'm doing it in 'style'.

This is actually a parody related to one of those Japanese 弾幕(Danmaku, or bullet hell) games you used to see on the arcades you went to. In fact, this game is one of the most popular games in Nippon. For those who don't understand, go download Touhou 8 - Imperishable Night.

Reskin of the LanEVO in Colin McRae Rally 2005. Why the LanEVO of all the other cars? Because I fucking hate Proton to infinity for being plagiarists. Oh, and this is not the final product. I will release it when its done.
Oh look! A spoof of the so-called Suruhanjaya Pencagah Rasuah Malaysia(Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission)!
For those who don't understand, 'Penindasan' and 'Menindas' means oppress while 'Berasuah' means to corrupt or get involved in corruption. Haram... well, look it up in the Quran and you'll find out.

And yet another 東方Project reference. For those who don't understand, here's where I got the idea from.

I plan to release a Japanese version of this image sometime in the middle of the year for extra lulz.

In response to the now infamous LYNAS Limited Corporation's activities in Malaysia, I put aside the LanEVO livery for awhile to work on this. And again, its still a WIP but this shouldn't take too long as the Escort Mk. 1's default skin is plain enough to make quick work of it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Proof that you have no legal rights in here at all. You still want to blab about democracy, Moral Studies? Well here's a royal fuck you. COME FUCKING SUE ME MOTHERFUCKERS

Chua Soi Lek: A Lapdog of the Regime

Chua Soi Lek, currently the president of the Malaysian Chinese Association which is under the BN regime is nothing but a man of lies. He has no integrity, no pride and above all, he is a huge ass liar who manipulates the minds of the 'rakyat'.

Not only did he attend a PERKASA event, he even defended Ibrahim Ali's actions on that particular event. Now, for those of you who are unaware of this, Ibrahim Ali handed out white envelopes instead of red packets during Chinese New Year on purpose which literally means that you're wishing someone an early death. His excuse; I didn't understand the Chinese customs LOL. Seriously, what the fuck. Even if you didn't understand the Chinese customs, it should be very obvious already. TV red, calender red, clothes red, table lining red, even the decorations are red. Now you suddenly want to turn everything into white? Ibrahim Ali certainly has the guts to say that he is not racist. Of course, we couldn't let this go away without any attention at all which was why a thread on Lowyat was created. Fast forward after the first excuse and you have the resignation of Collin Tiew and Chua starts trashtalking again and comes up with a second excuse. HI GUYS, WE RAN OUT OF RED PACKETS SO WE DECIDED TO USE WHITE PACKETS TO REPLACE THEM! So far, there has been ZERO coverage from TV3 at all.

Meanwhile in January, Chua Soi Lek even went as far as to criticize the DAP for being PAS' lapdog and this statement was repeated yesterday. According to him, votes that go to the DAP will actually go to the 'corrupt jihadist' PAS and even goes as far as to state that the BN is not corrupt at all.

Now, we all know how corrupt the BN really is so let's skip to the cheese. How is voting for the MCA or SUPP any different from voting for the DAP? After all, votes that go to the MCA/SUPP will also end up in UMNO's hands too. Yes, PAS is corrupt too. There's no denying that but here's the catch. They give us progress and this has been proven in the states they control. To put it in a nutshell, it is better to vote for a corrupt government that gives us progress compared to voting for a corrupt government that only knows how to sap the rakyat's money. Who do you think pays for the promotion of 1Malaysia? Who do you think would be paying for the RM2M bribe Najib offered to Sibu if the SUPP had won? Who do you think pays for the Budget 2012 incentives? The rakyat! All of these incentives are just to bribe us into thinking that the BN actually cares when in reality, THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK. All of the incentives that are being offered is actually being paid for with the rakyat's tax money and let's face it. By taking their bribes, we can certainly expect hikes in tax rates, shittier economies and higher prices.

Chua even has the balls to trashtalk Anwar Ibrahim when he himself is involved in a sex scandal and has not been proven innocent yet? Pah! This man knows no shame and has no integrity at all. He is a shame and a huge disgrace to the Chinese race and the country known as Malaysia. How he became the president of MCA is beyond my comprehension. In fact, this man should not even be a minister of a government organization. Like our 'dear' Prime Minister Najib, he just knows how to talk big but when it comes to action, he ain't got shit. Mass blackouts are still frequent in East Malaysia, The roads are completely crap, the drains are dirty, the cities are filled with moss and they are also rampant with those who are in poverty. You call this progress, Chua?

P.S.: A royal fuck you to those who are going to spam my mailbox again just because you can't handle the truth. I would like to give a few of these retards the spotlight. They include Mr. Brian Liong of SMK Tung Hua, Sun Ki Long, Hii Chee Lung, Chua Chu Guan and some Iban douche who refuses to give out his name.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Contoh Faedah Yang Diperoleh Dalam Tugasan Harian Pendidikan Moral

This is supposed to be a parody of the stupid, fucking pointless folios we have to do for Moral Studies during our high school years. It is in no way, supposed to be taken seriously. Please do not use this in your P. Moral folio UNLESS you plan to fail your P. Moral in SPM. I will not be responsible if you seriously get your ass owned by the KPM for writing this shit in your folio.

Selepas saya membuat tugasan harian ini, saya mahu muntah kerena Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia memaksa semua pelajar di sekolah menengah yang ditanggungjawab kepada mereka untuk membuat banyak folio yang tiada matlamat seperti folio Pendidikan Moral ini.

Saya juga berasa lebih insaf terhadap propaganda yang disebarkan oleh Barisan Nasional yang suka menipu rakyat dan generasi muda dengan menggunakan matapelajaran Pendidikan Moral di sekolah.

Selain itu, saya juga mendapat kesedaran tentang amalan haram yang telah diamalkan oleh para imperialis dari parti politik Barisan Nasional yang suka main duit haram, mengambil rasuah, menipu rakyat dan mengorek duit rakyat untuk diri sendiri.

Jadi, saya akan mengambil iktibar ini supaya saya tidak akan ditipu oleh para imperialis dari Barisan Nasional.

Saya juga akan membuat perubahan sikap supaya saya tidak akan mengundi mereka selepas saya berumur 21 tahun.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Perodua: The BN regime's failure

Perodua, a Malaysian corporation that manufactures K-Class cars, including the Kancil, the Kelisa and the Kenari. Established in 1993, Perodua has had a track record of failures in the UK as opposed to Proton's success in there. Wait, what?

Since when did Perodua start producing their own cars?

"Melalui Perodua pula, negara kita telah berjaya mengeluarkan kereta Kancil, Kenari dan Kelisa." - Buku teks Pendidikan Moral Tingkatan 4, pg. 137

Translation: Through Perodua, our nation has succeeded in manufacturing cars like Kancil, Kenari and Kelisa.

So, does anyone wanna bet on this? I don't think so. Now, let us compare Perodua's cars with Japanese automaker Daihatsu. We'll start with Perodua's cars first.

Now, to prevent anyone from accusing me of bullshitting, I will be using screenshots taken from Gran Turismo II. These screenshots were taken in the game's Daihatsu's line-up and used cars section.




OK, I can understand that at that time, Perodua was still fresh to the automobile market so rebadges are fine but seriously what the fuck. You take a Japanese car, shove a Perodua badge up the car's grilles and call it 'Made in Malaysia'? This sir, is the true definition of plagiarism and a very good example of how fucked up the education system is. Its no wonder the only thing we have managed to produce are SPM graduates who can't even understand the simplest English sentences. No, seriously. I've seen people go 'LOLWUT' at me when I ask them the price for an item.

And how does the term 'plagiarism' fit both Perodua and the education system? You can put it this way. Ever since Perodua started out, it has been nothing but rebadge after rebadge. Proton on the other hand, produces shitty cars while stealing bodykits and other crap from Mitsubishi. Both automobile 'manufacturers' state that their cars are 'Made in Malaysia' when they are clearly NOT. Meanwhile in schools, we are taught to understand and follow instructions. We are not taught to think out of the box and look for the answers ourselves which is why the only thing an SPM/PMR/UPSR candidate needs to do is to just read his textbook for one hour per day because the only thing he needs to do is memorize crap. Heck, you don't even need to study for UPSR. The projects on the other hand, limits the amount of creativity you are allowed to put in so all of our projects are pretty much the same. Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that most of us end up copying other people's work too? Don't ask me why because I'm not MOOhideen or Mahathir.

Despite my hate for Proton, I have to admit that Perodua is actually shittier than Proton(HOW COULD YOU FUCK UP SO BADLY). At least Proton can design their own bodykits from time to time.

P.S.: Newer Kancils and Kelisas = Opti front.

And what's a fucking Daihatsu Opti?