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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Beginning

Another year passes us, another batch of public exam papers gone and I'm finally out of school, free from the boundaries imposed by certain oppressive laws.

But with this graduation comes a new beginning for Guy with a Pen. Formerly known as Democrazy, Guy with a Pen was essentially a political blog run by a 15 year old schoolboy who had too much time on his hands.

Don't get me wrong, I still have too much time on my hands and there are simply no job positions available at the moment to fill up that time. But the 'mood' of my writing has changed. Perhaps this happens a lot with fence-sitters but if you were to ask me what I would be writing about next, it wouldn't be about religion or the current affairs of Malaysia anymore. It would be about the daily goings of life and maybe, just maybe, some religious ranting again.

My lifestyle has also changed drastically in the past 2 months. These days, you would see me in front of an LCD monitor reading visual novels and Tom Clancy's collection. If you don't see me doing that, then I'm probably playing Osu!

Or reading a certain visual novel...

And yes, before you ask, I do read this kind of stuff.

Anyway, starting from this year, less activity can be expected on this blog as I have absolutely no intention of turning this into one of those 'ZOMG HE LIE ME BUT I LOVE HIM' blogs. Seriously, there's more than enough of those around the Internet already.


  1. So what was your lifestyle before it changed anyway?

    Also I played KS too, and it was very, very, good. At the risk of sounding like one of those guys, I'll say it did change my life. (I still haven't finished Shizune's or Lilly's route yet; too many feels. also Hanako best girl)

    1. In the past I would be busy either doing schoolwork or writing for sites like and the malaysian insider but now i'm just a fatass sitting in front of the computer playing osu lol