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Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Confession: The End of HMS Repulse's Anonimity

In this last post, I will confess all of my crimes and mistakes in the past. I will come clean and begin a new life.

  • In 2009, I collaborated with Wong Ho Leng of the Democratic Action Party secretly in order to bring the BN regime down.

  • In 2010, I became increasingly involved as I campaigned anonymously with Wong Ho Leng for the right to express opinions as a student and became well-versed in the Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act of 1976 and the Communications & Multimedia Act of 1998. Through our efforts, we wrested control of Sibu of Sarawak from the Neo-Imperialist BN regime. Shortly after that, I started blogging actively.
  • On that very year, I met and idolized Anwar Ibrahim

  • In 2011, I joined Anonymous Malaysia and was involved in the mass distribution of LOIC during the first #OperationMalaysia under the alias 'HMS Repulse' before our IRC channel became flooded with kids. I quit shortly after the fiasco and continued to be involved in politics on a smaller scale.

  • In 2012, I saw the opposition in their true colors and quit politics. I still continued to voice out my opinion on politics especially in school.

  • From 2009 to 2012, I had violated the Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act by voicing out my opinion on politics publicially as well as affiliating myself with a political party and the Communications & Multimedia Act for launching mass DDOS attacks during #OperationMalaysia as well as distributing LOIC through Facebook and IRC.

  • Under the alias 'HMS Repulse', I had also defaced the Malaysian flag. I had also openly criticized and slammed the Christian religion.I also did so at school as can be attested by members of the Cavalry Church of Tawau and St. Patrick's House of Prayer of Tawau.
  • While this is insignificant, in 2011 I had predicted that in 5 years time, there will be calls for the Borneo states to secede from the federation and even proceeded to call for secession during a party meeting.

I hereby officially declare myself guilty of the above crimes and will accept my sentence should the concerned authorities choose to prosecute me for these actions.

Guy with a Pen is now officially dead and there will be no more posts on this page after this one.

My anonimity ends today. The ship has truly been sunk. The guns have been bent, the hull covered in rust and the deck is flooded.

On a non-official note, I became an elitist in 2011 as well but thanks to a certain someone I will not name for security reasons, that is slowly changing. However, I still do not regret the actions I took against the Church and the Christian religion as I still have a lot of hate for them as an ex-Christian